Are we the children of a lesser god?

Posted by Ahmed Sajid
May 12, 2017

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Blood has become the colour of time…

An event has happened on which it is difficult to speak but impossible to be silent.

“He was handsome, he had grown a beard, he was innocent”, said Gowhars’ sister. The flash backs have turned her into a stressed and melancholic person. Her eyes always moistened, her face gloomy. “I need justice” she said, as tears rolled down her cheek.

She isn’t the only sister crying for her brother , there are many longing for them at their doorsteps. Defiance on the streets. Lamps have been dimmed off. Blood is the colour of time.As it hasn’t happened first time in Kashmir that a big river of tears are made , it’s the continous running time as Kashmir has cried much more , now there is not a single tear left in the eyes.The coal in samovar has exhausted but there is nobody at dastarkhwaan. She is saying now in whose eyes the sun sets, and the sun sets in whose eyes.

Now who to ask for how much longer this pain we must continue to bear , holding the hand of the blinded nights, we must walk yet how much longer. The children are mortified,. Our schools being burned. Elders arrested and tortured. . Members of the victims are holding the posters, in some there is written  “Where are our loved ones” , in some “What am I a posthumus or an orphan?”, and in some there is written “My Brother , where is he ?” There is someone on us a Falcon with a bad intention whose wings are poured with venom and poison, he is flying all over the valley.  No stone , no petrol bomb , no bullet only we need is to be one and a one voice to finish this falcon. .. Enough is enough many our brothers aren’t able to see the sunshine , many aren’t able to look behind , and many aren’t able to stand on their own. The water of my  valley has been turned saline . My valley has been turned into  a graveyard. Happiness is a thousand dollar word. Justice has no place in this God forsaken land. I can say now let justice be done though the heaven fall. Stop crime against humanity.


Every time I keep asking myself are we the children of a lesser god? How long we have to bear this pain?


Ahmed sajid


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