Posted by Al Saher
May 29, 2017

I guess it’s class 6th History book which mention that people in olden days didn’t understand simple phenomena such as lightning and droughts. Since we needed an explanation, Humans came up with some supernatural entity. This supernatural entity was named God and it served as a pretty good explanation for most of the things

But then science developed, people started to find actual reasons for the phenomenons and everything became crystal clear. Start of universe was theorized. All phenomena were explained and there was nothing left that science could not explain.

Initial words

Religion is something that’s not your choice but it is just stamped upon you on your birth. Fear is induced in your mind and you spend your life intimidated by something non-existent. If you break free of it, you will feel more relaxed and won’t have to worry about bullshit restrictions imposed upon you.

What is my story

See, I was a firm believer of God until class 5th. I used to pray everyday, thinking God will help me, and you know some random things I asked for did happen, I was a stupid happy kid. And then it didn’t. When I needed it the most, God had disappeared. What about all those countless wishes I asked him. If you ask your elders, they will say something along these lines

  • God works in mysterious ways.
  • God helps only those who help themselves.
  • You don’t have complete faith.
  • Your problems are too small, that’s what parents are for.

Yeahhh​, those excuses worked before, not now. Now I have started to think. Let’s focus on second point, the other three points are just bullshit. If God only helps those who help themselves, then why does that person need God. Let’s say, God removes those unnecessary hurdles from our way. There are again two ways:

  1. It removes them when you know about it as in general problems, but that can also be explained by coincidence.
  2. It removes them when you don’t know about it, well if we don’t know about it, it doesn’t matter if God exists or not.

One of the biggest argument I get is, ‘How can World be so perfect, if it has not been made by some supernatural entity’. I will give you two answers

  • Ok, it is entirely possible that we might be a C-Grade Science Project of some Alien kid but then, that’s not God or supernatural, that’s just science.
  • The other reason, and the one word answer is: Randomizations. You might ask, how does that work? Well, take it this way, if you didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be here to ask the above question. If our world is so perfect, it’s because, if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have survived.

That’s how evolution works, if something cannot exist in current conditions, it dies and we find traces of it in the fossils. Eg: Homo Naledi. Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago, it’s not that our world is perfect, there have been a lot of killings,death, extinction events, lots of changes and we are finally at a point where everything is existing in harmony. If it didn’t, well, I wouldn’t have been writing this blog. I hope that clears it.

Do I hate religion, if so why?

Yes, I hate religion. I think religion creates more problems than it solves.

  • Religion creates barriers and restrictions. *Insert sarcastic tone* You cannot do this, you cannot do that. Take the Hindus for example. I have been told in my family that, you cannot eat Chicken on Tuesday. Or Muslims, where the females are not allowed to go to Mosque. There is no logic behind it. Most of the time, Religion also hinders women empowerment. If Anyone or Anything tries to bring restrictions and doesn’t allow people to get the best they can get, I hate it.
  • Religion gives fake hope to people and that hope is used for exploitation of people. People travel to weird places to worship Gods to get what they want. Priests ask for money to do things they have no control of. Religion is not just an individual’s belief in supernatural, it’s fear and that fear is used for business, and I hate this exploitation.
  • People think it’s a pretty good excuse for anything they do. Look at the bullshit people come up with. “This person is threatening my religion, I needed to show him that he can’t” or “My religion is better than yours” or “He cannot say such things to my God”. For all those people who use these or similar excuses for their behavior, I’m glad to see you’re not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance.
  • Religion is used by bigots to spread hate. They interpret the scriptures in their own way and use it to incite communal violence or use it for their own benefit.
  • Religion is used to attack on science. The things that have been proved true are curbed because some religious group got offended. Cosmos:A Space-Time Odyssey doesn’t have a second season because a few Christian groups got offended that the show mention Earth’s age as 4.5 billion years which contradicts the Bible.

Do I like some aspects of religion?

  • Yes I do, I like the fear religion induces in people. It helps society a bit. People feed the poor, donate things, and do all kinds of stuff during religious days thinking it would cleanse them of their sins. Religion keeps an average human being in check and prevents him from doing bad things.
  • Religion gives hope to people. People have come up with the concept of Karma. I don’t believe in it, but it gives a good human being hope. It assures people that there is an entity bigger than them and if someone hurts them, someone is going to punish that person. The concept of Karma puts people in denial and helps them to cope through bad things. They believe that by doing good, good will happen to them and they might go to heaven and doing bad will put them in hell.

People these days need hope, they need hope to survive or they will go mad. So yeah in these things, religion rocks.

What about superstitions?

All kinds of superstitions that come with religion such as, You shouldn’t wash hair on Thursday because your brother will die or The mass cultural delusion that the planet’s apparent position relative to sun at the time of birth somehow affects your life such as all those Shani, Rahu and Manglik shit is pure bullshit. I have seen most of the girls wearing a black hairband on their hands, I don’t know for what, maybe for some nazar raksha bullshit and it irritates the hell out of me.

Finishing words

I don’t like the excuses people give, such as parents will feel bad and stuff. I know you love your parents but guys this is your life, they are gonna die one day. Why live in restrictions imposed by anyone. YOLO

End of the day, I feel religion is just to keep people in fear and control and thus I don’t like it. I don’t have any grudge against religious people but I do consider myself above them. I don’t believe in all those traditions and stuff, so I am a free bird. If religious people don’t use religion to justify violence, it’s fine with me. Do whatever you feel like.

I will finish this piece with this tweet by Sonu Nigam

I have no religion. I follow my own religion choosing the best from everywhere. Those who understand, know; Those who don’t, my condolences.