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Atrocities on the women of 21st century

Posted by Varalika Mishra
May 12, 2017

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-Varalika Mishra


The recent Ramjas University case, though old, has wounds seeping deep inside the patriarchal nature of our society. A college student named Gurmeher spoke her thoughts aloud and was unfortunately bashed by the men of the society. It was a postcard campaign which stated that she was a Delhi University student and was not afraid of ABVP, a student wing organization which had halted Umar Khalid’s entry into the University who is a PhD scholar of Historical Studies, and was invited to Ramjas College to give a speech on “The War in Adivasi Area.” The incident caused a violent turmoil in the educational sphere where freedom of expression was under threat. The point to be noted is the reaction that Gurmeher witnessed from the society.  It is not about the content but the response she gathered after her expression of thoughts. Article 19 of the Indian Constitution gives us the right to express our views in the society.


The fact that pained me the most was the content of the threats the lady received for expressing her views on the issue. It revolved around rape threats. Why are women in the society always made the victim of rape? During partition we witnessed communities of different religions avenge their rights through raping women. Today, it is the 21st century yet we see the breaking news flashing that a village in Uttar Pradesh has announced a fine of Rs. 21,000 for women seen talking on the mobile phone with the justification that most women are uneducated and should not carry a mobile phone. The society has decided to cage its women by hook or crook. The easiest way is through rape threats. This problem is deep rooted catering to psychological disorders that make people succumb to such thoughts.


Recently a 20 year old Tribal girl was wrongfully detained at midnight in Odisha by the police who alleged, she had Maoist links. The atrocities on women are increasing with every passing day. The battle for equity and equality needs to be forged with great sensitivity, cleansing the though process of society towards women. Every human life must be valued and respected irrespective of gender.


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