Awareness For Menstruation

Posted by Snigdha Roy
May 10, 2017

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My periods began when I was studying in class 5. I saw a little red stain on my school’s white skirt. I didn’t know it was of blood. I thought it to be some color. But the next day, my sister found a big stain of blood on my cloth. She took me to a room and asked if I was bleeding while urinating. I was terrified hearing about bleeding. Then I checked while urinating, and I found the urine to be mixed with something red.

My sister provided me the pad. And that day I finally came to know why stayfrees were used. Till that day, my mom, my sister always kept the pad hidden from me. I dont know why. I always wanted to ask but I was afraid to do so.

My sister strictly told me not to discuss about it with anyone in the class. But we do exactly what we are said not to do. I told one of my friend secretly about my periods. I thought I was the first one to have periods in my class. But, later I learnt that many have it already. The friend of mine, whom I told about my new “secret” ,went and told it to other girls as well. And then one of my classmate complained to our lady class teacher about it. The teacher scolded me for discussing “such” things openly. I never understood what was so secretive in it.

And as we all know, a girl on her periods is not allowed to pray or touch god. I asked my mom who made this rule. She never answered. Because she herself even doesn’t know the answer.

Why do we hide pads from small girls? Why do we wrap it in a black polythene? What is their to hide it from the male members? This a simple biological process which every girl goes through. There is absolutely no shame in it. Its a blessing. Its a sign of healthy body. Speak up for the pain during menstruation. Dont just hide it. Bring the pads openly and not wrapped in black bags. Tell your small daughters about it, make them aware. Initiate more and more Adolescence Education Program. Leta boys also know about it. Atleast they can help their female friends when they are in pain.




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