Be a feminist that’s the priority today!

Posted by Tarjani Tarju
May 31, 2017

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Many of my friends think and some of them even ask me why I keep posting all serious stuff on my facebook wall. Well firstly what do I post…..I post what I stand for i.e feminism , gender equality ,accepting all forms of sexuality, abolishing patriarchy, free speech, freedom of expression etc. Now why do I do that and why do I feel that everyone of us should be talking about these things on a daily basis is…..because it’s high time.

For the month of may our main news stories are:

1. Rohtak gang rape

2.Rampur(UP) molestation case

These incidents that have fortunately come to our knowledge are just the tip of an iceberg that will soon drown us. Coming to the point I post the video s and articles of feminism , patriarchy, sexualities from different perspectives and angles. And what would happen if you read or watched them and further shared them? Well there would be slight increase in the number of people who talk about these things than yesterday. But why is this necessary you ask me….well it is necessary because educating ourselves about all these is the step ahead to decrease sexual assaults of any sort. The more the people are education about gender equality the more are the people who don’t look upon women as a weaker gender.

In the Rampur case the 14 molesters were laughing when the survivors were trying to escape them. We may arrest them but what about their head that is filled with misogyny and patriarchy. The only thing they will learn is not to post such videos online . And that lesson serves no purpose. This was clearly evident to us in the Jyothi Singh’s case(Nirbhaya) . When after the arrest , while serving time in Tihar jail Mukesh Singh one of the accused actual statement is ” a girl is more responsible for the rape than the boy!” So what change did the punishment bring upon him. Okay the change that I would agree would be that he must have thought “we shouldn’t have done it so brutally that she died. If was alive she wouldn’t have reported a complaint because it’s her fault that she was on the road at that hour of the day.”

So what did the imprisonment change in this person. Almost nothing! Who is to be blamed ..ofcourse first being our beloved government that just makes a law called NIRBHAYA LAW but doesn’t address the root of the cause and then us for loosing our sense of responsibility towards the society. The government did nothing to stop patriarchy and instill gender equality amo g the citizens which is the actually solutions than the damage control policy we are implementing. Many leaders , lawyers ,actors etc have made regressive comments in past 3 years but not one of them took back their statements nor were they removed from their posts. This proves in what ever post you may be in India any amount of regressive statements on women will not shake you but one comment about Kashmir or caste or cow will land you on your buttoks. We have a government that is working relentlessly to stop cow slaughtering . Obviously that’s more important.

Apart from all these, the thing that is in our hand is to educate ourselves and our friends to end misogyny and patriarchy. Let’s hope for a society where we flourish with gender and sexual equality. At the end all want to say to every single person is to be a true well informed “feminist” . That’s the true swag!



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