Being with Rashmi Khurana’s Act of Painting

Posted by Rana Ashish Singh
May 14, 2017

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The theme of this week is “Oorjaa” (energy) at The Desi Canvas. The artworks of Ms. Shanti Kushwaha, Ms. Hemavathy Guha, Ms. Durga Kainthola, Ms. Kavita Nambissan Ganguly and Ms. Rashmi Khurana are displayed. In this series “Its all in the Dreams” Rashmi Khurana has given the freedom to her imaginative mind as well as to the brush to move the way they felt. It is not following any logic or tradition. I am quite impressed by her work and I simply wanted to understand the underlying philosophy to which she said that, “My way of art practice is more about being with the ‘Act of Painting’ and thus re-inventing myself with each body of my work.” Her artwork shows the depth and meaningfulness of life as well as do not fail to tell us more about her thoroughness. The canvases are of human size, which again a metaphor of life. All these aspects when looked into certainly paves its way into our dreams. She has travelled a lot and her works are newer as each journey teaches us something new. For her putting her thoughts, imaginations, and ideas into the canvas is more important than just sticking to a particular form.

The glimpse at her artwork reveals that the layers are thicker, just like the layer of thoughts in the subconscious mind, which is filled with a mix of emotions plus a lot of unfulfilled emotions making everything quite unclear at times. The colours are mixed. At some places, we can find a shape or two which seem familiar to what we have already seen; while at other we don’t see that. That is how dreams are — open, abruptly ending at times, multiple layers (dream within a dream), hazy and not to clear when we wake up. Only a few parts of dream remain in our conscience when we wake up. It is certainly going to be the wake-up call for all the art lovers to visit and share their perspective on the same. Looking forward to seeing you at The Desi Canvas.

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