Bleed with pride; don’t hide.

Posted by Abhilov Sharma
May 31, 2017

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I remember the days when my mother used to bring something in a black polybag. I was always curious back then to find out, what the contents were. When I used to ask my mom regarding it, she
always changed the topic or refused to answer it. One day she asked me to take her to a cosmetic shop. There I saw the shopkeeper covering a pack of sanitary pads in a black poly bag.
Later, I went to a medical store to buy medicine. A lady was there to buy sanitary pads. And when she asked for them, everyone gave her an awkward view. She left the place without purchasing. I realised why my mom couldn’t buy
sanitary pads from the medical store.
It feels so ashamed to live in a society where women can’t openly ask for something as essential and basic as sanitary pads.
The reason why those people were giving an awkward look to the woman at the medical store is lack of knowledge about
We all were taught regarding menstruation in our class 10 science
books but it failed to teach us to not consider it as a taboo. Periods are faced by 355 million women in this world. It isn’t something to be ashamed of.
This issue is as important as gender equality, racism or right to
education. We must spread awareness about the discomfort that
women face during periods which they can’t express.
We are in a dire need to raise our voice for the health and hygiene issues.Sanitary pads must be made accessible and affordable for every women.

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