Buzzed Up In Materialism

Posted by Kinshu chhillar
May 5, 2017

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“Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss.”                                                                     –  Doug Horton  These days human beings are encircled by the possession of materialistic wealth. Modern technologies are framing up the intellect of every individual existing in society. The notion of materialism is not recent but now modernism is inculcating people in the competition of owning materialistic luxuries. Everyone is so engrossed in their daily routine that no one turns up towards social evils. Materialism is tge temporary faculty which one have but indeed the relation which we occupy and are in contact will be durable till the last breath.

The compatibility amongst the fellow being which we inbuilt makes it more enhancing factor in our personality. So the external coverage of iPhone and expensive brands had cloaked human beings due to which there is identity crisis. The reality, is of course, destined to propel envy. They stink instead of desperation  People seem so perplexed in designer clothes and dwarfed by their possession. It bangs the happiness and peace of intellect, mind of those who adhere to it.


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