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May 24, 2017

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I always wanted to not exactly write it up but yes express this into verbal or oral form, just bragging about what I learnt in types of communication in my first sem.


as we all say that we can mould things as we want to when they are growing and are at the very initial state. I from an age of 15  as long as i remember had a bootylicious butt things were not the same as they are now, i want to share some really  haunting memories which I have had .

i never wore something which was too tight , i did once and we’ll come to that later.

i was always teased for having such a huge butt , i almost started to feel ashamed i never wore jeans which were tight and never did i ever  wear anything which revealed the shape of my butt even a bit.

let’s talk about when did all this start when we all stood up for praying to god in our school  after the prayer would end some of the girls would come and say your ass is so huge everytime you stand it seems so weird i had no idea what to say to them. i loved dancing and once when we were rehearsing my classmates started laughing a loud and said omg more than your steps your butt is noticeable . my confidence was shrinking day by day i wasnt that mature and little did i knew about how to react but one thing which it did to me was it left an unforgettable  scar in my mind.

then i came to class 10th on my birthday i wore a pretty bodycon dress i was so happy about it but sadly little did that birthday girl knew that it was such a sin to wear that pretty dress!!

two of my classmates commented who were not even invited to my birthday party at the first place ‘ omg such a huge ass she’s got she shouldn’t be wearing that dress’

class 11th was the hardest time when i had to wear tight pants the whole winter each and everyday everyone’s eyes gazed on my ‘ sinner part’ i felt as if i was being molested in there minds.

everyday was such a struggle boys would come and tell me why don’t you just sit in the class rather than going out everbody stares at you for wrong reasons.

i told my parents that i am not going to go to the school now.. but i had to. i always wore my half sweater even when it wasn’t that chilly because by now i was scared of there gazing eyes.

finally when i ended my 12th suddenly girls started hitting the gyms , doing uncountable squats for getting what i had. i realised what a fool i had been all this time .

never in my whole life i would never judge myself or feel uncomfortble because of the eyes which don’t see good in others.

i would like to say that never judge someone on their bodytype you never know when that curvy , pear, square  or rectangle shaped body type could be the new sexy 🙂

always be in love with yourself and never feel insecure like i did you’ll end up feeling a fool like me.

rememeber Some people will always talk behind your back no matter what because that is where they are meant to be behind you 🙂


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