College Security Manhandles​ Students Protesting Against Illegal Fine.

Posted by kartikmd0
May 1, 2017

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In today’s time nobody wants to see the truth.
Yesterday, my brother Aamir Chauhan protested in sharda university with those students from whom the university extorts money in the name of fines for low attendance i.e. If the fine is paid, the university allows the students for appearing in exams.
The students along with Aamir were protesting peacefully to let them sit in the exams and I must add without harming anybody or any property.
But then, out of nowhere bouncers of the university came and started behaving indecently in a violent way and pushed everyone including Aamir, who is N S U I President, out of the campus. We don’t want anything from the university but justice for those students who are immorally extorted by the university.
Just because the management of the university has links with the Home Ministry, till now, no action has been taken by the legal authorities against the university.
The truth is, on one side there is an unjust power and on the other, students who are fearful of their future.
We just want people to understand the difference between the right and the wrong.
The Maximum number of social media users are students and youth just like us, I just urge them not to accept injustice in any way, we are the ones who have the power to change the system.
The worst thing about the system in which we live is the sellout media which manipulates and hides the truth which is against their fortune providers.

Justice is our birthright and we’ll not stop until we have it



Watch the whole scenario in the links given below:


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