Considering rape as a light offence shows that we still thrive in a misogynistic world

Posted by saumya bhatia
May 27, 2017

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Every year,on 16th December, the  world remembers the brave heart who fought valiantly with death and lit the candle of inspiration for many.

Four years hence, today in 2016 rape continues to the  be  one of the most common and as deemed by the society an acceptable crime against women. The plight of women has only worsened, the scenario has only become dismal over the years. The tribe of sexist people is only mounting in the world with many even raised to the epithet of powerful leaders.

Women have perpetually been touted a weak gender as against their male counterparts.Media only endeavours to exemplify this bitter reality. Items songs are primarily centered around lurid,fabulous girls; a large chunk of advertisements that has nothing to deal with women would show a LBD clad girl!Offering a seat to women may be seen as a symbol of courtesy and respect but it is also a relentless projection of women as a feeble sex.Movie posters mostly show men dressed modestly while rob the women of most of their clothes rendering them as just an objects of grace and fertility.The story doesn’t end here.Majority of the so called feminist novels showcase women as either suffering objects or if not, witches.These examples suffice to reflect upon an acrimonious truth that women are still struggling for their voice to heard, for their label of’ the other sex’to be dispelled.

Endurance, self sacrifice, unquestionable loyalty and absolute obedience- is this what women’s history is saturated with?Every six minutes a women in India is raped.Four years ago the the pain endured by the fighter of a gruesome rape on 16th of December still remains to be healed,the mind still remains scathed.

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