Counter Politics

Posted by Subhayu Majumdar
May 23, 2017

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Perhaps Lenin was right when he pointed out two forms of contradictions as metaphysical (vulgar) and the materialistic (scientific). Till the late 80’s the theoretical track was fine. But what happened after that? Especially after the end of Cold War conditions changed and whole of the society went through turmoil which perhaps made a paradigmatic shift in the overall social structure (society includes political, economic, religion and even psychological domains). Contradiction was and is still there. Marx, Engels (On Universality of Contradiction), Lenin (Essence of Dialectics) and Mao (On Contradiction) have particularly defined the necessity of contradictions in the dynamics of social development.

In the present times we are a part of the society in which thousands of people around the globe are affected by different forms of contradictions. Rape, terrorism in the name of religion, workers class struggle in the form of continuous exploitation, economic contradictions leading to economic warfare. Aren’t these all, results of continuous discrimination and contradictions? Isn’t it sufficient enough to negate the Marxist philosophy in the lines that these form of contradictions will lead to a developed structure? How can a society which has reached its threshold limit of contradiction still live with the evils that’s being inflicted upon it and still go on developing. Simon De Beauvoir in her magnum opus work The Second Sex had pointed out these structural deficiencies in the domain of Marxist Feminism.

It’s high time that the structural deficiencies be identified and looked upon in the domain of religion, its high time that we drop all sorts of binary oppositions and move towards a higher form of social structure devoid of such sort of contradiction led evils. Systems will surely break down, institutions will surely be demolished and probably we will move to a refined form of a true communist state, for this vulgarity, be it in the name of religion, be in the name of gender, be it in the name of economic exploitation cannot be taken any more. There is nothing called religion, there is only an ultimate refined form known as spirituality. Spirituality has no contradictions, it is an unified structure (a pure structure devoid of any sort of oppositions), religion on the other hand is a falsified and vulgar form full of fallacies and contradictions. Hiedegger, de Saussure, Levi-Strauss, Derrida, Foucault, Lyotard save us from this trap of modernism, this trap of contradictions. The crisis is grave and we need to realize and logically understand it to get an overall solution, because the root cause of all the evils that is being talked about gravely is nothing but contradiction and the dynamics of all forms of oppositions. Suppression is just a form for which contradiction is the cause.

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