‘Cricket Fever’ is in Indian Blood…. Injected or Inherited???

Posted by SamiraSurti
May 7, 2017

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With IPL season 10 nearing its verge, we have cricket all-around us. And this Question popped up in my mind looking at my son who is just 10 years old, but as glued to the TV watching Cricket as his father. “Do Not Disturb” is the sign they carry on their faces while watching this famous game. Each run matters ; every Catch is observed; every wicket pumps the heart; I mean Wow!!! Is this for real? Can a Game be so engrossing naturally?
Not just a Game but a Game changer I say; as this game is the only thing that has managed to ‘Unite’ Generations. Being an Indian automatically makes you fall in Love with this game; and of course no longer is the love confided only to boys or men ; but the girls also find themselves panting along with the cricketers.
Watching Cricket is a forgone story; Playing along is the new trend set by IPL Fantasy League. Things have changed over the years but what remains constant is the madness of Cricket over the generations. Right from Test cricket days to IPL it has always managed to be the top of the talks. No conversation is complete unless cricket is discussed and many a times discussion leads to arguments and fights, after all no compromise whatsoever when the favourite Team is concerned.
But is it a coincidence that the whole nation is crazy about one game? Or is it kinda some special effects that we instil into our generations that causes this game to rule our senses? Like they say that the morals instilled in a child right from the beginning forms the base of his Character; Similarly talking Cricket in front of the child forms the base of his fondness for this game?
Is it like we are not giving much options to our children but driving their focus on one game to be loved and liked the most? No here I am not saying we don’t encourage our children to play other game; but yes we do encourage the pride of only Cricket as a Game.
Every Indian house knows name of the Cricket players but how many does know the name of any other Sports person playing any other game? Has the game of Cricket gained popularity only because we are gulping it down unknowingly to our generations? By now far and large we are aware that a child is the mirror of his elders or parents or surroundings. And if observed closely mainly children are also fan of  the cricketers liked by their parents ; Moreover while watching the game they utter the same words or pattern of words used by their parents. The only point I am trying to draw here is that are we ‘Injecting ‘ Cricket in the Blood of our generations by creating an atmosphere making them feel keenly clinched towards Cricket? Won’t it be fair enough to let them explore their own fondness of a sport?
Thanks to the Bollywood industry for making movies like Mary Kom and Dangal; at least by now we and our children know that there are other Sports as well who made India Proud. Am sure the filmmakers of these movie must have also realised the need to let these heroes become a known name.
It’s time we need to redesign our the foundation for our Children. Education is as Important as their chance of exploring their own fondness for a sport. We need to educate them that other Sports are not just a paradigm of Sports Authority but teach them to appreciate every sport and the efforts of all sports person.
India is a nation of diversified culture religious beliefs languages and sports. This makes India a truly unique nation; and such small efforts will make our India a new India ; a proud India.

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