Current socio-political drama!

Posted by siddhant bhargava
May 28, 2017

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Fascist and biased government are now mere puppets of the the corporations which are the real control bodies of our country,
‘Government’,OR i shall call them fascist cult are not working on basic objectives and because of this the atrocity rate in indian state has reached its maximum.
Education and health issues are not politicised but ‘bharat mata ki jai’ is a national news for a week or so,
I personally don’t care what people eat or drink but why do these vigilantes tell me what to eat and what not to?
Nationalism in current scenario of our country is based on our religious identity and not our liberal ideologies.
Identity politics and politics over caste and class shall be abolished from our society and socialism should be established as the makers of our country thought of!

-siddhant manojkirti

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