Daughters – The Pride

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May 30, 2017

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 Hello Everyone,
This letter is from a daughter to her dad.
So I’m gonna confess something now…
I know dad it is gonna hurt you very much.. but still you should know
what I feel… !
what my thoughts are… !
and how things are going around… !
There’s one thing that I have learnt… I learnt Money can’t buy emotions…etiquette… Dad no custom/tradition/God says sacrifice an innocent animal so that you and your family can be happy in future.. why are we depending on few people to get possessed and tell us what we should do  to keep ourselves happy… I mean really dad…? I don’t understand why you’ll say yourself (family) royals when you don’t know how to respect a women… and you expect her to do everything in your house…she’ll clean your clothes…she’ll wash your dishes…she’ll prepare food for you…she’ll do everything possible which she can, at the same time you’ll also expect the same from her…we are royals… ahh !
An recent incident –
A lady’s hubby met with an accident..she was just cleaning the excess blood from his body.. when he was unconscious… her mother in law comes all of a sudden and says..”you go Inside, it doesn’t look good if people see you like this(standing next to my son).. What will they say” I mean really.. then why did you make your son marry her… though it was an arrange marriage!
Is it just to sleep with your son..and only to serve him…
Here your custom is much more important than the relation which your son and daughter-in-law has !

I know that you meant if people will see me standing next to my hubby they will think that if my mother-in-law is also standing there, why am i doing all this… i know he is your son,,, but at the same time he is my husband as well… it’s not the same time anymore mom… please try to understand the situations now… i know you expect me also to behave, feel , work everything the way you do… but no mom…it can not happen like that.. it is an adjustment.. which won’t be there for long…

*A lady can’t sit with her men if her in laws are around.
*A lady can’t sit/sleep in bed, chair, sofa etc..she is only suppose to sit on the floor if she is at her in laws place/if in-laws are around.
*She can’t speak with her hubby in front of in-laws.
*She has to be under the hood covered/Ghunghat all the time..all the freaking time… doesn’t matter what the temperature is.
*She is not suppose to come in front of her father in law.. or who ever is elder to her hubby. she is not even suppose to speak if they’re around…
*She can’t take her own decisions.
Lot’s of stuff !
Now tell me Are we Royals…?
Where a woman is not getting respect.
I feel pity on them…
If a lady baring all this there can be only two reasons…
Either she is strong enough or she just love her dad’s respect(hope you understand dad what i meant by this)…as from childhood she has been taught that respect is everything..Even if she has to kill her dreams for it..
The girl whom you raised so nicely they’re treating her like this… is it acceptable for you…
stop this torture.
Let them educate themselves… let them take their own decisions.
Let them LIVE
Ankita Bhati

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