Dear dad,its all your fault!

Posted by Sonal Tayal
May 31, 2017

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Dear dad, it’s all your fault. Why did you set such high standards for me during my childhood. Why did you treat me like an angel. When you fulfilled every little wish of mine. I didn’t had to pray to God for what i needed. You played his role well. You used to witness my mood conditions and eradicate stuffs which were against my favour. Just before the first drop of tear struggled to roll down my cheeks, you used to sort out everything.
Now i am 20. Though you might be there with me physically, but it seems, emotionally and mentally, I’ve lost you somewhere. I need you to safeguard me but i can’t confess the beghairat situations i go through. This world is a cruel place Dad. Why didn’t you make me aware about the uncertainties. I remember my childhood. When animals only meant creatures with more than two legs. I never knew creatures with two hands and two legs define animals so well. I never knew men would be such a pain. You played the role of a male so generously that i had immensely fallen in love with the idea of getting in a relationship with a guy thinking that i would get the same kind of love from him too. Initially, he pampered me like you did. He adored me like you did. His world revolved around only me.
But, guess what? That was all temporary. Your love was pure, permanent and unconditional. But he was not the same. He had been sinned with a cruel heart. He cheated and ditched me. He suddenly decided that he loved somebody else. You lied to me saying no one will ever leave my Angel. Why did he then?
I never knew growing up would cost so much. This shit was never expected. Childhood with you by my side passed with such an ease. When you protected me from animals, birds, junks. I never knew i would one day want you to protect me from Boys. Yes dad, protect me from these heartless assholes who call themselves ‘Men’ on the cost of breaking a girl’s heart. They don’t realise that their temporary fun might damage a girl permanently. I never knew the world includes the biggest danger in the form of human. This world is cruel. You raised me. I thought i only belonged to one man, i.e You, until i was 15. As years passed, i witnessed that my body is not just mine alone. Random guys have the audacity to touch my body without my concern or consent. Some try to spank my ass, some try to intentionally touch my chest, some try to get the fragrance of my hair. And i can’t do anything about it but sit and hold back everything because I’m a girl and the society i came from never taught me to raise my voice. It’s hard for me to breathe in this world of Dogs. Why didn’t you warn your impromptu little goodie?
Dad, it’s all your fault.

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