Dear UP Govt, Triple Talaq Aside, What About All The Dowry Deaths?

Posted by Khabar Lahariya in Sexism And Patriarchy, Video
May 18, 2017

Only this morning, we read about the Uttar Pradesh government deciding to send forward the 200 triple talaq complaints from their state to the Supreme Court. With all the focus on this very particular practice of a specific religion, one cannot help but notice the deathly silence around other practices which are as intrinsic to other religions, but are not getting the legal spotlight that triple talaq has received.

In Chitrakoot, we reported a dowry death – one of the many that we’ve been witness to as journalists on the ground for too many years.

It’s time that the government spent some time and energy on issues such as these regressive practices that still refuse to die after having existed for so many years.

After all, these also happen in Uttar Pradesh. Perhaps, saying it thrice might catch the attention of those in power: dahej hatya, dahej hatya, dahej hatya (dowry killings, dowry killings, dowry killings).


Image Source : YouTube