Dear Victorias Secret

Posted by Leepi Agrawal
May 1, 2017

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Dear Victorias Secret,

I am very thankful for helping me out from my teens till today, just to let you know we all girls love you a lot, and there has not been a single day, you are not with us.

You are like a true companion, you make me look more firm and give beautiful curves by lifting them up.

Whether its school, college, party, office wear, I find you are there every time.

I am happy that you care for every size, and you know I just like to flaunt it when I am at the beach when I am alone, but people create a hype when a strap of it comes out from the T-shirt collar.

They say it is provocating, but I don’t think so, I just say “Oops sorry my Victoria’s secret is just out”. (and all chubby giggles)

Jokes apart!

I want to talk to you all people! Would you please lend your ears?

Please don’t stare if my bra strap if popping out because I am wearing them as normal clothes rather as an essential cloth.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about what is visible to you, maybe I am unaware of it, but you are not the one who should point on it or should tell me to hide it because I think that’s personal and no one has got any right to tell me.

Sometimes, I like to flaunt if I have some beautiful outfit, and those vertical straps are just giving them an adorable look by forming the new shape of my whole new dress, it’s none of your business.

It is really embarrassing when you say me to adjust it unless you are my bestie or my mom and seriously “No One Else”

I have heard that bra strap arouses men sexually, well guys, we do get arouse with your folded sleeves, but do we say drop on your sleeves, No!

In India, it is considered as “Un- Cultured”, because that’s worn under the dress, but with this do you think eve teasing or rape is going to stop!

We have been taught from the childhood that you need to cover yourself in public just to safeguard us from being seen as an object.

Girls just be “You”, be comfortable first, because it’s not the bra strap you are hiding, it is the stupid mentality of people you are taking and living under it.

“It’s Okay” if it’s out.

“It’s Okay”, to flaunt.

“It’s Okay”, to wear.


Girls “It’s Just Okay”

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