Did Modi’s “ACCHE DIN” has come? Or are they supposed to come?

Posted by Sourav Preetam Singh
May 31, 2017

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Jai Jagannath Jai Jagannath!!

Odishara bhai,………

 bhauni manaku mora namaskar…….

Mahaprabhu jaganthanka pabitra ratha jatra samaya re mu ashirbad nabaku aasithili

Sara desh mu buluchi bharat ku srestha Kariba paie eban Odisha rajya ku agaua Kariba paie aastantu samaste mahaprabhu jagannath nka ashirbad naba.

These were those welcoming words when Narendra Modi visited the Odisha last month. It seems like yesterday when he was being elected as the Prime Minister of the most populated democratic country of the world. The story of a simple Chai Walla rising to a power of the democratic head of this vast cultural country did inspire many not only to the people of India but also to the people all over the globe. 2002 riot in Gujrat did put a black strain and questioned his capability but no one ever thought of him to bounce back to the Centre with a major influence in front of the people.

Being a part of Hindu nationalist’s party often it has been cited that Modi was very hard working party member who has dictated his entire life for the service to his role. The wave of his fan following first started in his birth state Gujrat. Since 2002 till 2014 he proceeded with his role of being the chief minister of Gujrat and was successful in doing some of the best works there. Some of his best works have been 100% electrification in the state and Gujrat was the first state in India to achieve it and if we go for the list of his success at being the chief minister the list will go and on. Considered to be one of the successful Chief Minister, will he become a successful Prime Minister?

2002 Godhra riot created worldwide speculation over the inefficiency of the government in failing to stop the communal riot and to stop the antagonizing attitude against the Muslim minority. Even the case was so much complicated that Modi did was allowed for a Visa to visit America. At that time Modi was just a CM of an Indian state but now with the dramatic promotions of his own self by winning the 2014 general elections it seems that his visa will never meet a negative vote wherever he wants.

Popularly calling the countrymen with the term “Mitroon” (friends) he has got a particular charm which actually the people of India were not expecting from a Prime Minister. With his coming to power he has been successful in handling many things with a very open option. One of the first Prime Minister to step into social media sites to know the problem of the people he has always been an active participant in encouraging the members of the cabinet to take a step ahead in helping people through social networking sites.

The results can be seen when Railway Minister, as well as the Foreign Affairs Minister, were seen taking bold steps just after getting a tweet regarding any problems faced by subjects whether from the nation or outside the nation. The news headlines were seen circulating when Sushma Swaraj helped the Pakistan Nationality to get back to Country when Country was in tensed state with Pakistan itself with regards to the border issues and also making a deal with former Olympics gold medalist Abhinav Bindra to bring a gold medal when the later asked her help to sort a Visa problem. While Suresh Prabhu also has been seen replying immediately through tweeter when any bits of help were asked by the fellow citizens during the train journey instances like in Odisha when a boy was hurt he was immediately responded with a medical team in the very next station.

Modi plan of taking the India digitally ahead has been successful in a major way. Even the Schemes of Make in India, as well as Ujjwala yojna, takes a very strong clutches in building the India. India saw something very different since many year of waiting. With the country GDPs rising India has been successful in moving ahead the China. Greatest feat of his achievement was when he stroked bull’s eye by changing the entire currency of the country with demonetization. Swaach bharat abhiyan too takes a very different stand which till now no one ever has encouraged it.

Despite these all things there has been much more things which never have been in the artwork of the politics. Still the debutant prime Minister has not been able to satisfy the Kashmir issues still the country has not been able to stop the communal hatred against the Muslims minority. Lynching case where the BJP party workers were blamed to have committed such horrible things is one of the prime example. And the party workers remarkable as well as controversial comments on various issues has not only triggered lots of hatred sparks but also criticism from all the sections.

With the completion of three years rule by the BJP led government it is obviously a main question whether BJP has been able to keep the citizen in the proper format which it had promised in the elections manifesto 2014? Is Modi able to take his stand with the various political issues related both at internal and external level? Or has Modi’s “Ache din ayenge” is just a complete Hindi sentence with no proper answers? Answer to all this question will be served definitely but not in this term rather in 2019 general elections. If Modi returns then definitely it can be said that the subjects still has the faith on Modi’s “ache din jarrur aayenge”.

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