dominance in relationship

Posted by Devesh Srivastava
May 30, 2017

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Male dominated or the patriarchal society is one in which men have most of the power and influence and is governed by men i.e man is considered the better one or the powerful one. Whereas female dominated or matriarchy is a social system in female hold primary power, predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property at the specific exclusion of men, at least to a large degree.

Now comes the question why is the world male dominated?

Is it just because men have more physical strength or because the male ejaculates inside the female?                                When we ask such questions the answers we get generally are that it was all necessary historically for the evolution of mankind. Historically talking there is little evidence to suggest that hunter-gatherer societies were primarily male-dominated. Indeed there is reason to believe just about every organizational structure you can imagine manifested in different tribes. Some were probably patriarchal, some matriarchal, many egalitarian, and some other structures.

Egalitarianism appears to have been the dominant social structure which means the doctrine that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. This did not end with agriculture, as both men and women contributed approximately equally in farming with hoes and digging sticks.

Plows are ultimately a far more efficient way to farm than using hoes and sticks, and they require a great deal of upper body strength. Men have an advantage over it because they have more upper body strength while women have lower body strength. This is how the society became male dominated and we all have become a product of male dominated society.

Boys are from birth treated as superior over girls. They are always provided better facilities. Previously only boys were given education and girls were forced to do household chores. Men used to work and women used to stay at home but now with the passage of time girls also started getting education.

But as we all know critics are always there some people use to say girls only can do good till 12th standard and they can’t crack tough Engineering Entrance Exams because it requires brain but my question is do the girls get the coaching facilities equal to the boys so that they can also crack exams like this?

Till now I was talking about that girls should be treated equal to boys but what about if girls overpower the boys. If a girl is better than the boy, it’s not necessary that a person is good in everything there may be some things in which girl might be better than the boy and vice-versa. But since you know that the boy is also a product of male dominated society. So because of this some issues start creeping between them because till now he was told since childhood that you are better than the girl and now his ego will be hurt. In an arranged marriage also a husband is generally chosen better than the wife so that he always dominates the family. And if again wife starts doing better than the wife the again issues start creeping into their relationship.

So what is the conclusion or the reason behind all this?

Personally what I think may be the reason since in history the dominating work needed to be done by the male so in order to maintain that position male do not allow female to come forward because they have a fear that they might become better than them. And then the male might feel submissive towards the female which is unnatural to them. So the thing is first of all we should  change our mentality of dominant or submissive. We should think like male and female are just two genders and anybody can be better at anything.


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