“Embellishing The Celebrities” Kanchan Chander

Posted by Rana Ashish Singh in Art
May 21, 2017

Kanchan Chander’s works were on display at the Desi Canvas. She has created many works focusing on the celebrities who have inspired her. She says, “I have been working on the Hollywood-Bollywood series from past few years. I chose Actresses that have inspired me over the years. After working on the Photoshop -I embellish these images with wrapping papers (cut into small pieces), sequins, stickers, laces, swarovskis and small found objects. The full process of sourcing the material is done from Old Delhi, Markets of South Delhi and at times during my travels to other cities and countries. I find the process of embellishing these works very therapeutic…as unlike many other contemporary artists I don’t take any help from outside and prefer doing the full process myself.”

Kanchan responded to a few questions telling her story behind becoming an artist, her style, and a bit more.

Ashish: What is the story behind you becoming an artist?
Kanchan Chander: I started painting young..in school days my teachers liked my artworks. Being a daughter of Indian diplomat I traveled a lot with him–attended many art museums, concerts, and Trade fairs. So was inspired from childhood.

Ashish: What inspires you to put your energy into art?
Kanchan Chander: Every day encounters, meeting different people in all walks of life, Experiences.

Ashish: What materials do you use in your paintings?
Kanchan Chander: Oil, acrylic, charcoal, mixed media etc

Ashish: How have you evolved as an artist? (your journey so far)
Kanchan Chander: more than 4 decades—have evolved from Printmaking painting,–from themes–full figures, Torsos, paintings on windows, Devis, etc…

Ashish: Who is/are your favorite artist(s)? And why?
Kanchan Chander: many..cant count–David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg, Frida Kahlo, Kathe Kollwitz, Amrita Shergill and many more…

Ashish: As an artist what do you think needs to be done in order to reach out to more people?
Kanchan Chander: Start at school level…involve kids..and more ART TEACHERS…more awareness amongst public

Ashish: What differences do you find in the audience of India and abroad?
Kanchan Chander: Indian janta has to be educated about good Art…People are more aware in the west.

Ashish: Is art limited to some classes in India? if so, what are the reasons behind it?
Kanchan Chander: yes & no

Ashish: How do you see the economics of art in India?
Kanchan Chander: Pretty good…

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