Emotionally weaker sex

Posted by Simran Kaur
May 23, 2017

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We don’t even feel like wearing jeans in this Scorching heat ! Isn’t it?
Then ever thought about girls who has to wear darker trousers in this scorching heat just to avoid their period stains being visible? An irritating pad that is sticking to their skins 24*7 for few days.

We get mad when even soft clothes stick to our skins because of sweat, but this thing is even more irritating. ( You can try if you don’t believe me )

Walking with kgs loaded bags, with free abdominal cramps is a thing which only we women can do. Ofcourse why not? We are aliens! We don’t feel summers, neither we sweat nor we feel pain.
And then asking for a seat because our feet bears not only the external weight of our bags, but the force of the inside process too, which is lowering our energy levels; seems like we are the weaker gender.

Getting blamed that we are irritating jerks because of the spontaneous hormonal changes our body is going through, which we can’t even control. And then crying our way back to home because of all the scoldings and bad looks collected in the whole day after all we are the emotional sex.

We are not the emotional sex “society”! , its the lower progesterone levels during those days which makes us cry and emotional and even more than that its your poor understanding.

Its difficult to stay awake and work the next day , if you don’t get a goodnight sleep right? Then think about girls who are awake the whole night with the fear of staining the bedsheets and not being able to sleep in their favourite position because the pad might shift and they might wake up with stained clothes which they have to wash themselves with 0 energy, the next morning.

And all this for delivering babies in mid 20’s and then leaving a good career to raise them.
And God forbid if you get saved from this whole process, then getting yourself ready to hear bad remarks from the society, of being an infertile women because ” wow! You can’t even deliever babies , thats the only job we gave you” .

Why can’t you understand society that this is such an internal and difficult process that it can’t be treated everytime and how much it hurts her, when you give her thoughts like, you will end up being alone and no one will marry you because you can’t generate an offspring.

Compare hormonal reports of women during and before/after mensuration if you still feel that we! the aliens, should learn how to behave ourselves during those days. Free classes should be provided to make society understand the effects . I hope then our government might grant 3-4 days leave for women on mensuration and our society will not blame women who are infertile.

Build machines that offers free pads everywhere rather than giving out condoms which people will surely buy, by collecting money anyhow . Afterall its sex!
Who cares about an emotional weaker sex who don’t even have money to buy sanitary napkins and have to use unhygenic clothes during mensuration.

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