Equal Toilets Mission

Posted by Binita Shah
May 26, 2017

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What if you were stopped from using a public toilet? Even worse, what if you were forced to use the opposite gender toilet? Public toilets are something we don’t even think before entering. But the same public toilet is an everyday struggle for transgenders. And, there were enough articles and initiatives that showed our biased society how ridiculous it is to have transphobia. In fact, on 3rd April, the Ministry of Sanitation added a clause to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, that a transgender should be allowed to use the toilet of their choice, male or female. Even this didn’t stop people or security guards outside toilets from humiliating any transgender that entered in.

So, this time, TBWA India along with Humsafar Trust gave the society a taste of their own medicine. We did exactly what ‘normal’ people did to transgenders in a public toilet. This is exactly what happened. Equal Toilets Mission Social Experiment

It’s time we came together and pledged our support to give a transgender the respect they deserve. Take the pledge at www.equaltoilets.com 

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