Every Cloud has a silver lining

Posted by Ramen Khan
May 23, 2017

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CURRENTLY I am enrolled in intermediate college. I am happy to announce that I possess spotless past as far as copy culture is concerned. Having said that, I am not ashamed to admit that I was tempted time and again by uneven circumstances to step into this messy trend. As it happened during my exams in high school, where I witnessed all the exaggeration about ‘copy culture’ being transformed into a bitter fact. It was indeed a painful sight.
But my commitment was not shattered because it was fueled
with uncompromising self belief.
Consequently, I passed exams gracefully without being part of the traditional copy culture. As they rightly say , fortune favors the brave. I followed an unusual and considerable tough path boldly, since my intentions were right, I was paid off. Continuing where I had left, I am having my intermediate exams in a similar fashion.
Knowing that, poor grades can severely dent my ambition of becoming a doctor. Yet, I will rather prefer loosing gracefully than winning cheaply. I am neither a politician nor a civil servant , yet I consider it my duty to contribute, whatever I can in my limited range of resources, to the improvement and empowerment of our society.

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