Posted by Jiya arora
May 10, 2017

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  • And here again comes about girls.People may feel like that they already know about feminism but this is not only enough.We must be known to this world.Girls,do you really care about yourself ?According to me,no.Yes, I am also a girl and I would like to spread this message that girls you all are also unique,so you don’t need to compare yourself with others.Let this society pressurize you,why do you care ?
  • On dissection,comes the society.Our society is only concerned about our character.I don’t know,but why so?Yes,I am also a part of this world and I have my own rights ,so why am I being told to do the things which have no connection with me?The only question which arises is, why people watch us like we are from other world.This all is really shit !
  • To conclude,I would only like to say that “THE THINKING OF OUR WORLD FOR WE GIRLS IS WORTHLESS.”I hope the people who will be reading this, you all understand the feelings of us because perspective matters,though eyes are a part of every embodiment.
  • Be your own personality,girls don’t care what others think of you as it only says that the society has much time for you rather caring for themselves.

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