Feminism, what exactly is it?

Posted by Krati Agarwal
May 14, 2017



Let’s talk about the most misunderstood topic, Feminism. Feminism at its core means ‘equality’ among st the both sexes at every level, be it educational rights or food rights or any kind of freedom to choose. It highlights a sense of individualism wherein it puts the choice of an individual at the top, to decide their life the way they want without discriminating on the basis of gender. It is not a fight against the men in the world but against patriarchy, which says women are inferior, and has set up certain rules or norms which they are forced to follow. Not only men, but also women are in support of patriarchy, and this struggle is against it, be it a man or a woman.


But what it is turning into is a matter of serious concern; it has started becoming, or say, at least people have started feeling that it is something which is against men. They are afraid of the term Feminism, which should not be the case, as we cannot achieve something where half of the masses is afraid and running away from it and the other half is busy imposing terms and conditions. Equality is a big issue, and it cannot be achieved until both the sexes participate and fight against it collectively. No doubt, women were subjected to a lot of violence and injustice in the past, but that does not mean in the guise of demanding equality, we subject society with certain terms and conditions to live in, then what would be the difference between Patriarchy and Feminism. Slowly, no matter what the pace is, changes are there. You cannot imagine a society, which sleeps with one age old rule and suddenly wakes up to a new rule and starts living in it.


It has taken a violent turn, by women across world demanding machines for producing babies, or take the case of US where women are standing against the fact that the room temperature set in their office is suitable to a man’s body temperature. In the name of demanding equality, you cannot go to any extent, to even the extent of going against law of nature. Nature has created differences amongst us, but has created more of similarities. The only difference which I feel is biological and no where the nature says, man is superior, or woman is inferior, it is said by society, and hence our fight should be against it. It is the female body, which is designed to bear a child, but that does not mean it becomes her duty to raise the child and cut herself completely from her own personal space, it is collective responsibility of both.


Similarly is with the issueof been stared at. How many of you look towards a really handsome and good-looking guy or even give him a second glance, everyone does that, isn’t it? Then why do we become hypocrites when some guy looks at us, finding us beautiful. It’s just so natural to feel attraction towards a person of opposite sex. Off course, I am not supporting those creeps, who look into you, and make you feel objects, no , they are wrong and should be a subject of your anger and not many innocent men who just gave you a glance because they found you attractive. We have ultimately evolved from animals only where one of our basic instincts was sexual attraction. Yes we do feel attraction towards each other and let’s just keep it simple and not make an issue out of it. By this, I am not undermining consent of a woman, it is as equally important as anything. Not considering her consent, is not equality and is wrong.


So let’s not deviate from the real purpose of achieving equality. Let’s not create a gap between us, let’s fight together to end up this system. Let’s not make men scared of feminism, we need everyone to end the age old Patriarchy. Stop creating an internal fight and misleading people from what exactly it is.

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