Finishing Your Homework in Time: Best Tips

Posted by James Porter
May 25, 2017

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Whether you’re in high school or university, homework is an important part of your learning process. Most students have got a lot on their plate and it becomes hard to balance between coursework, voluntary work, extra-curricular activities, and other commitments. You will always hear them say, who will help me with my homework? With so much going on, it becomes hard for the student to remain focused.

Most students need help to ensure they keep track of their homework and complete it on time. For instance, if you need physics homework helper you will go online to search for the best writing services. Taking this into consideration, there are dozens of online tools that can help you keep track, organize and help you do your homework on time.

Check out this list of the top 7 best tools to do your homework.

  • Google Apps for Education

The internet search giant, Google has a unique app, Google Apps for Education that is an alternative to the mainstream installable software, with lovely features that every school needs. In fact, it’s free. With a package of features such as Hangouts, Gmail, Google Docs, a digital hub organizing assignments, and Google Drive with Classroom, it makes learning easier.

The programs can also be used offline in case the student wants to escape the distractions that result from the internet.

  • PhotoMath

It’s a free app that allows you to solve math problems. It is available for both Android and iPhone platform. With this app, you can take pictures of typed questions and it will solve your equation. Also, PhotoMath will show you a step by step instructions with the final results of the math’s equation.

  • Homework Helper

Homework Helper is a Chinese product that was launched so that students can crowdsource solutions and get answers to homework. Just upload your homework or type your questions onto the online forums, and wait to get help with homework. The users can even win e-coins that can be used to buy electronic gadgets like laptops and iPhones. In the end, you get a pool of ideas and solutions depending on what you need.

  • iHomework

This is a resourceful educational app that allows you to keep track, organize and schedule your homework. Whether you’re a high schooler with a lot of classes or a university student with dozens of assignment, IHomework will help slice and dice your homework in small manageable tasks. It will sort the task by the due date, day, week, month, or by course.

You can also mark the actual location of your courses on a map, so you don’t end up being confused on the wrong side of campus. It also comes with iCloud syncing so you can access any information on your Apple device or iPad from anywhere.

  • My Study Life

This app was designed to help students and teachers to manage their study time. My Study Life app will help a student to focus on the key area of your academic life. It can sync data between devices to allow you use the app offline. Similarly, students and teachers can add tasks from their phones or tablet for review at a later time. It also allows teachers to post exams and manage classes.

Additionally, you can set reminders for upcoming exams, and unfinished tasks. This shows that this app is a reliable homework management tool and its offers more than an ordinary homework website.

  • IProcrasinate

This is another simple tool that helps with homework. It offers a lot of options that allow a student to organize and schedule their homework. With this app, you can keep track of your progress, create a working schedule or divide large projects into smaller manageable tasks that can be completed within a short time. IProscrastinate will help you reduce the workload and keep your schedule organized.

  • Slader

If you’re a high schooler or college student in need of a crowdsourcing app, Slader is the best option. It allows you to post and answer different questions in math and science. Students can post homework for help and get several answers on how to solve the problem. It also contains a list of questions in some of the most popular textbooks that have already been answered on the app.

As a tradition, subject like math and science have always been considered challenging. This app seems to offer the needed help to both students and teachers. So, it should be considered a tool for the student to access real-time help and enable them to finish their homework on time.


Doing homework is part of a student’s education process. Although it isn’t the most fun part of college, it’s a key component that will count in the overall success of your education. Next time you have a problem with finishing homework, try using these tools. They will help you deal the problem and watch your study habits improve.

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