First Tribal Artist in the country

Posted by Sachin
May 18, 2017

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As not many of you would be aware. Tribal art is an ancient form of art usually depicted to sculptures. Tribal art generally means visual arts and material culture of indigenous people. Yes I know it is pretty confusing. In simple form , an art that belongs to an ancient culture. Tribal tattoo is an ancient form of tribal art as well.

In art, you have various forms – visual art, creative arts, and many more. But there are subcategories to it as well like mannerism, pop art , etc.

One such artist is Nikita S. She currently lives in India and depicts her full life to this form of art. Since most of the art is being digitalized, the art of sketching has been vanished. As a kid many people were given an art period where you would sketch with a pencil and paper.

Nikita is currently the only tribal artist in the country. Not many would know her, Nikita has bagged many international awards for art. Her fame rose when Eminem recently liked her form of art work. Yes , this is no joke. Her work was really liked by him by a verified account on Instagram.

Sharing her art work on Instagram. With no means of communication to people. She started an art project where everyday she comes up with an art sketch to promote this form of art. Quite impressive right? . I felt that too. When the world is moving away from books. She still buys books to sketch and still hangs on to a pencil.

During my visit to Nikita’s studio. She depicts her life not only just to tribal art but to tanjore art as well. Tanjore art is an ancient form of art originating from Tanjore. Tanjore is a city on its own in Tamil Nadu showcasing the best set of artists.

Nikita uses ancient forms of art to showcase her skill. Since her fame rose to an extreme level her art work was noticed Abroad. Yes not only Abroad, but to Paris as well. The city of art. Shes currently been invited to Paris for an art summit where she will be heading one of the speakers at the conference and representing India for the exhibition as well.

You can help support Nikita reach her goal by supporting her towards her trip. She currently needs to stay for 5 days in Paris. And there is a bonus for the supporters as well. She will be documenting on the art of Paris. This documentary will showcase all the supporters that have helped her on this journey. Fair way of promotion.

To help Nikita on her journey you can click on the link below and help her out. You do not have to make big donations a small one does make a difference.

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