Five Ways to make this world a better place

Posted by Yatmanyu Rawat
May 31, 2017

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I used to be one of those kids who was hellbent on changing the world for good. I was a true ‘discovery channel’ enthusiast and used to spend hours watching shows about nature, global warming, depleting icecaps, poverty and hunger etc. My contribution at such a young age was using less water, switching off appliances when not in use, not throwing garbage around, I used to do everything I could to make a difference. Then teenage happened and I got convinced on seeing the vast population doing nothing that my efforts aren’t gonna make any difference, so I stopped. I stopped with every small effort I used to do, stopped with saving electricity, not throwing garbage around, I genuinely stopped caring as it wasn’t making a difference. My assumption on my childhood concept of changing the world was that you needed to be an influential figure or a political honcho to make a difference. Slowly but gradually I’ve realised that it’s not the case. You don’t have to be Mahatma Gandhi or Katherine Hayhoe to make a difference. You have to start with yourself first and keep doing it, rest will follow. So here are the top 5 ways through which you can contribute to a better planet as well as a better future for the coming generations.

1) Saving water: This is the only usual topic I’ll be including in this article because I think that pollution and other technical problems are widely debated on but water is something that hasn’t received the amount of attention it should’ve had. Here’s a fun fact for all of you readers. 21 of the world’s 37 largest aquifers are water-stressed. While you’re enjoying your hour long cold shower, millions of people are struggling to acquire enough water to survive. Prediction has been done by various media agencies and scientists, who’ve come to the conclusion that the next world war can be over drinking water, which is suffering through immense depletion. So before you come clean by saying that your efforts of saving water won’t make a difference, remember that you’re contributing towards the third world war by not doing it. How to save water?

It’s pretty easy. There are various small ways in which you can utilise water in smart ways. Using bucket of water instead of shower, atleast thrice a week, will help you save hundreds of liters of water every month. Washing your vehicle with a bucket of water instead of using waterpipe, using water used in rinsing vegetables to water plants, closing tap while brushing, infact, closing any unused running tap anywhere, will help save thousands of liters of water every month. Imagine, if you alone can save hundreds of liters of water every month, how much of it can be saved if everyone starts doing it. That is why it is said that every effort counts.

2) Inculcating patience in ourselves: I guess the one thing we really need to inculcate in all of us is patience. We lack patience in everything. Patience is not only going to help us in accomplishing our goals to make this world a better place, it’ll also help us in developing relationships that connect us. This era of mankind is full of violence, wars, terrorism, there is just so much negativity that the mankind is in a dire need of peace and calmness. Patience will help us achieve ways to tackle all these problems with ease and once everyone develops the quality of patience, there would be a world so good that violence will look like a mirage of yesterday.

What better way to showcase patience than a meme.


“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” ~ Arnold H. Glasow

What even..


3) Care: One thing that I feel is missing in the present world is care. People have stopped caring. ‘Nobody cares’​ is like the tagline of the present generation, again something not to be proud of. Caring is not weakness as it is shown, but it’s​ something that requires courage. It takes guts to care for something, to genuinely worry about something. If everyone just starts caring more, the world will take such a wonderful turn that it’ll be heaven on earth. What we need to do is care, care about the depleting ice caps, care about the wastage of water, care about the pollution, care about the violence, care about how we treat people. What if everyone starts caring?

The gigantic change that will take over the world would be splendid. Every problem will be tackled with great ease once everyone will come together to make a real change.

Here’s a link to the video by Prince ea delivering a strong message related to planet earth.

4) Ending procrastination: Let’s accept it together. Humans are pro at procrastination. We procrastinate on anything and everything we can. This procrastination is certainly visible when we see what people are doing to curb global-warming. Yes, they aren’t doing anything. The global-warming has brought down havoc on planet earth, resulting in increased temperature, unusual season cycle, annihilation threat to polar animals. Considering​ all this destruction, humans should be working towards curbing the effects but all we do is rant about it for a while and then forget it. We need to stop procrastinating and should start doing something about it right now. Do whatever you want to do, to contribute for a better planet but start it the moment you decide to do it. Don’t procrastinate, else your procrastination will result in further devastating effects that won’t reverse themselves.

Here the never is never getting back the lost Beauty of earth.

5) Having hope and faith: Now comes the most difficult way of them all. Clinging on to hope and faith during dark times is one of the most difficult things to do. The dark times this world is facing right now will shake anyone’s faith and hope that the damage can’t​ be undone. You need to have your faith intact that this world will get better and keep on working, and giving your hundred percent to it. You’ll be amazed to see the results of your efforts sooner or later. Just have the faith that your efforts won’t go in vain and similarly, have the hope that you’re going to change the world. Sooner or later your efforts will mix up with the efforts of your fellow humans and will bring such an enormous betterment to this world, that you’ll be amazed at yourself.

We are responsible for this planet that has given us so much. We owe it to mother earth and therefore it’s our duty to give back, and insure the betterment of the planet we reside on. Every effort matters, so start now and help bringing the change.

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Do read it and share. Cheers!


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