Four Carpentry Tricks that have survived the ages and could rejuvenate your home

Posted by Yamini Mone
May 25, 2017

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Carpentry has always been one of the most underrated arts throughout the ages. Perceived more as a chore, the art of carpentry has been dying with the advent of ready-made structures in the modern world. Even until a few years ago, the man of the house was expected to know the basics of carpentry, and attempt all the repairs necessary himself.

However, novices need not worry; it is never too late to take up carpentry today. With the availability of videos and tutorials, starters can easily take up as carpentry, be it as a hobby or a necessity. This article discusses a few tips and tricks that have survived the ages, much like the art itself.

Always mark, instead of measuring

Novices often make the mistake of measuring the necessary dimensions, instead of marking them on the workpiece. Measuring, while being touted as the more "accurate" method, is often more time consuming and difficult to carry out. Marking, on the other hand, is easier; not only is it faster to do, it also eliminates any mistakes that might occur while measuring. So always make sure to use your tape only when absolutely necessary. Remember- mark, don’t measure.

Procure a trim gun

Veteran carpenters can swear by one practice- the use of trim guns. Air powered trim guns are a better alternative to the olden practice of hand-nailing. Nailing into the wall is a rigorous process, and there are a lot of steps where novices can commit errors. However, with a trim gun, nailing becomes considerably easier. No splits, pre-drilling or knocking pieces out of the wall; nailing becomes neater, faster and better. What’s more, guns are available in almost all sizes!

Cutting a miter joint

For novices, a miter joint is the joint where the pieces are to be cut or joined at an angle (usually 45 degrees). This is an extremely common joint used in trims, so it is sure to come up someplace or the other during repairs. Usually used for outside corners, miters need to be cut accurately, taking the least time as possible. There are a few methods to cut miters, including using a power saw or a miter box. It is also very important to make sure that you have adequate practice before setting out on the actual joint, both to improve your skills and check the accuracy of your tools.

Mock up a work-bench

Mocking up a temporary bench can seem like an unnecessary chore, especially if you’re hard pressed for time. However, it can be a lifesaver; the bench can eliminate kneeling on the grass and can double as a convenient work surface, too.

All these tips can help the novice excel, however there are times when one needs to leave it to the experts.

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