Freedon is being Lost by Ultra right wing twist

Posted by Sunil Sharma
May 29, 2017

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Its sad day for country freedom. its freedom is being destroyed every single day the day fekuji was elected as PM.freedom of religion, faith, freedom what to eat is been taken away, freedom of thoughts, freedom to work by this NASTY right wing saffron govt. Where goons have a free day to Lynch any minority members inforce its dam will.

FREEDOM IS LOST . Last Emergency was VERY Mild and hardly affected the general people at large, but this saffron govt have crurb freedom by the back door. Demonetization has resulted in 57 deaths for no fault has made lefe of the coomon man misreable.

THIS THIRD RATE DEMOCARCY BEING DISHED OUR By the saffron govt in power Reminds me of Adolft Hitler and the other dictators around the word.

Jai Hind kya desh Mantri

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