Gay? There’s nothing queer about it.

Posted by Shreya Kapoor
May 20, 2017

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Recently I have been fathoming and researching about the Homosexuals and LGBT community in order to understand their lives.  While people like Gauri sawant, K pithika yakin and many more have set an example in the society, their is still a long way to go for people to accept and digest their different sexual preferences.

One day, while reading about this topic, I stumbled upon some extremely dumb and ditzy questions and comments asked and made  by some people on quora and many other sites. The sad part about this thing is that this type of mentality is just not limited to certain people, but is representing a major part of our community.

So I decided to made up a list of some  tried answering them in the best possible way. Sooo here we go !


Q-1) Homesexuality should be banned. It’s against our culture.

– Okay dude. Well there is a different between being different and being anti-culturarl and this is what some indians fails to decode. A person’s sexuality has got nothing to do with things like religion or culture.  And not that is matters but still taking about culture then referring to the nature of rigveda one of the four canonical sacred text of hinduism says ‘Vikruti Evam Prakriti’ – perversity/ diversity is all nature is about,or, what seems un-natural is also natural. If still not satisfied, then for more information please refer Kamasutra.

Q-2)  why people are gay ? Why can’t be they normal?.

– I don’t know that some people really are a fucking dim-wit or paid to act like one!. Someone please throw a biology textbook on this person’s face. Dude First of all Homesexuality is a genetic phenomenon. It’s romantic attraction or sexual behaviour between same sex or gender. It’s a sexual orientation. And second thing the use of word ‘normal’ was completely unnecessary and inappropriate. I mean what do you think ! Homsexuals are a squad of hooligans coming from mars who have decided to invade earth. Fucking no ! They are just normal people like us with different preferences. Hope you’ll understand this some fucking day.

Q-3) Gay people convert other people gay.

– Well the award for the most dumbest and illogical statements should be given to this great soul. Seriously dude? I mean a country with 1.3 billion population has a threat  from a community with a demography of 13% in number. I wonder how this person even managed to get passed from school.

Q-4) If someone is supporting LGBT then he/she is also gay.

– Quoting a famous vedio here ” That means if I am in the favour of animal protection then I am a fucking dolphin or if I support environment welfare then I am tree”. Is this even legit to ask such absud statements?.. oh wait… This is india.

Q-5) How do they .. You know do it?

– Not judging .. but I reckon this must be a sex obsessed teen who has just hit puberty 😛 . Still a better question to ask then the one mentioned above. Well dude sites like sean Cody and are always at your service sir. Go ! Use the power of internet. A fews click and welcome to a new world 😎

Q-6)  Why do people need to make a fuss about Homosexuals? Go have sex ! Who cares.

-Yeah you are right. It’s just about sex. It’s not about love or basic human rights or acceptance in the society. It’s just about some BOOM BOOM behind closed doors. I wish things were that simple.. bs as I said lately, this is india.


Guys please please

Before bashing an ideology or subject get some knowledge and information regarding that specific topic. Don’t just get carried away with propaganda  and illogical and bais but socially acceptable attitude. 

Quoting a slogan used by national organization for women – ” Hey , hey! Ho, ho! Homophobia’s got to go”.

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