General peoples are not foreigners.

Posted by Paraswar Hazarika
May 12, 2017

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I didn’t knew I was a general guy until I was at class 9. As the school authority asked us to submit our caste certificate and birth certificate. Till now I use to think I was of same caste like my other caste friends. Most of them were obc,sc,St. I or my parents never discriminated or prevented me from staying in there company.

My point is they were from well to do family’s​ . And some of them were also academically strong too. They got easily place in first good colleges then jobs. They use to get money in there collage days from gov as they belong to lower caste.

Does it takes 70yrs for back ward community to raise. Can anyone give me any other examples. I think the libelities are being miss use . There are so many needy people in the country. And also not every general boy/girl is born with a golden spoon.

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