Generation Gap!!

Posted by NitisH SharmA
May 21, 2017

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Hello everyone, first of all I want to tell you that this blog won’t be completely in English and the reason behind that…you will understand. This blog is about us each and every one of us belong to this blog.Being just 18 years old I can tell alot to you about this generation gap. But what is this generation gap.? You know generation gap is that we often get irritated when our parents asks us some questions and we shout at them, “Yaar Mujhe nahi pata khud dekhlo aap” we don’t realise at that time but that is generation gap. You know when we loose our patience on our parents or elders that is generation gap. The gap of patience. The patience we don’t have but the people of older generation had in them. You know nowadays if our parents ask us some questions in a row we often say don’t irritate or (Dimag mat khraab karo) But we never realise that these are the people who told us about everything, who answered all our questions in our childhood. That is generation gap. We hardly sits five minutes with our parents without any meaning but when we need something we go to them and tells about our demands. We often forgets that when we were born we knew nothing about this world and these are the ones who told us everything what is right what is wrong and now we tell them you can’t understand or (Rehnedo yaar aap nahi smjhoge) Why?? Why can’t they understand if they can make us understand about this damn world why can’t we make them understand about our opinion? The people of our generation get ashamed when are friends meet with our parents but we proudly tells our friends that today I argued with my parents, or in the himachli language (Main baj gaya chauda ghar mein) that is generation gap. You know I am not saying that we should be  too obedient. Ofcourse we are new generation we have some thoughts which may be differ with our parents but its our duty to make them understand our thoughts rather than calling it generation gap. You know guys every parent do everything for their children. So we should also do everything for them. Yes we may have arguments with our parents many times but the truth is we are the one who can end this generation gap. We are the one who can make a difference. We all have a very special place of our parents in our hearts. And I am no one to bring my opinion of how to be a good child and all. You know I am also not a great child. But the purpose of this blog is that our parents had done so much for us that if you are good child then you should try to be better and then to be best. But keep on trying because our parents never stop there efforts for our happiness. I want that if you think that this blog have a single sentence which can bring a good message to anyone than please share it because we need to destroy this generation gap. If your parents don’t understand your thoughts make them understand. Give time for them too. And never ever forget that You are in this world just because of them. And if you can’t be loyal to them you can’t be loyal to anyone in this world

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