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Get Over With Your Self-pity Honey! The World Is Changing.

Posted by Priyanka Adhikary
May 3, 2017

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Have you ever been so insulted in your life that your spirit just got crushed by others? Well, we have always been taught to forgive everyone and move on right? I mean, that does sounds right and makes sense. But how can we let that thought of being insulted stop us from moving forward and proving ourselves. Oh! Trust me, I’ve had my share for real. Now let me come to the part where I can help you with some few tips of how you can get over with your self-pity and do not let yourself be an ashamed victim of this beautiful world. I call it beautiful, because I am highly positive and it doesn’t make sense to me that people of this ‘very world’ call this world cruel and yet don’t work on themselves to make it pretty or may be brighter. I am here to express and I wanted a platform to share my wisdom because I am no extraordinary but I have a lot of things stuck deep inside and I want to get that out! I am putting my heart in this as I cannot do any talking or posting without the proper use of my true heart and soul! Okay, enough of introduction! Lets hit it!

  • Do not let other’s opinion define you – By this I mean, if anyone calls you a piece of shit or may be utter crap, respect their opinion. Do not for one second get down to their level and call them back the same piece of shit. Move on and get over it. You might have no idea who you are but people would try and make their best to make you believe who you are. No! No! No! Do not believe them. Believe in yourself honey as you are capable of much more and do not deserve such opinions. Respect them and forgive them no matter what. No matter how much they provoke you to get back to them. Don’t! Keep that loving heart in yourself and move the hell on! Deep, in your heart you know who you are. So smile beautiful people and laugh your heart out to make fun of those opinions about you.
  • You made mistakes. So what? – Did you make a mistake and forgot to apologize? Well, that isn’t right and sometimes may be out of ego you don’t make enough efforts to apologize. But deep down in your heart, you know you want to. Change your behavior towards them and make sure you are sorry about it. If they don’t response, send a sorry note if possible, and the third time if they still don’t react and forgive you, it is best for you to move on. Honey, do you realize your self-worth? You don’t? Well you have to understand where you stand. Do you love them too much? Keep them in your heart. And trust that they will come back to your life if you have loved them with all your heart & soul. But never make your mistakes as your core identity! Uh-uh! Never!
  • Love yourself too much – Yes, you have probably heard it everywhere that you need to love yourself to win in your life. That is precisely true. Love yourself so much that people get inspired by your self-love. Can you imagine if you love yourself to that boombastic level, how much you can love others with the same love you have for yourself inside your heart? Whatever your experience consist of do not ever let others make you feel that you are not capable of being loved. You are awesome! Keep repeating that to yourself dudes and dudettes! I love you all. Do you love yourself ? Say Yes!
  • Express and expose yourself – Yes, You’ve had a terrible past. You have done mistakes. You have been shattered. You have been put down to hell! So what? Get up! Get up I said! On today’s social networking sites, you get high platforms for exposing yourself. I have heard or rather seen that people try to expose others for their faults. But do you know that you can expose yourself? How wonderful is that when nobody cannot expose you, but you expose yourself? Do you imagine the kind of power you have inside? Don’t forget you are the king and the queen! So act like it. I mean not literally. ( Don’t start wearing crowns wherever you go ). Act like you have a standard. Set yourself free and fly like a bird.
  • Forgive yourself and others – This is easy. Please cut the crap and stop cribbing. yes you have made blunders and your loved ones have made super blunders. It pretty much settles there. Humans, we are humans. You have no idea, if you just forgive yourself and others what you can achieve. So forgive my friends. It is a mandatory value in this magical world. Come on , you can do it! Stop overthinking! I said, you can do it!
  • Do(nt) care – My love. do you have an attitude or wait, they call you arrogant? Do care about it. Come on, others have topics to talk about you. Yay! So be excited and feel you are already so famous! But do not let your heart be hardened for one second. Others would suggest you saying “just don’t care” and move on. On the other hand I would say, do care and yet not care in a way so that nothing affects you. Best weapon – Your smile, confidence and faith in yourself. So whoever said, don’t care, please start caring from today, just for you. Only You. Care so much that people start caring for you that you care enough that you don’t care about their care for you! Confused? Just care already!
  • Sense of humor and kindness works best. Trust me! – Have you heard the song “kill them with kindness”? Come on, it is true though. Take that song seriously and remember there is a line. “and no war in anger was ever won”. Laugh at yourself would you? Take that power in you so that people think thrice before they make fun of you. Did you just forget that you are a master of art? Make your humor as an art and your kindness as your strength. Let me tell you something, do not keep barking. Stop it! Just stop it! It is annoying as hell! Make your voice known with your super charm, and an outstanding personality! Yes, look at you. You are already thinking about yourself. That’s like an atta girl and atta boy! Go get smart and laugh your a** off! And do not promote violence for one second! This is a mandatory No! I will get mad if I see you getting aggressive or violent! But my madness would be sweet like honey. Get that? yea, I know you got it.
  • Cry your heart out – Yea, you heard that right. Cry my friends. Cry with all your heart. You have no idea how your wounds would get healed so faster. Yea, you have been shamed and you just want to find a corner, get depressed and cry. Yes. Do that.  Scream, shout and cry. But don’t forget to get up and stand straight with your feet standing firm on the ground after you are done with your crying. You are not a rock, so do not act like a rock. You are a river, so let it flow. Let your salty tears roll down from your eyes and in the process let it get you drenched and cause a little flood in your room. But hey! honey! do not swim in that flood, let it dry naturally. Get that? Yea. Your heart is pure and so are you. Stay strong and be strong and don’t take decisions out of momentary stupidity! You are marvelous. Don’t you know that? Well, now you know. Now cheer up and start moving!

Now that I boosted up your spirit, how would you say a thank you to me? Just put a smile on someone else’s face. You can do that and by that you get a super welcome from my side. You can’t expose your voice if you don’t train your thoughts or your mind.  Start motivating and empowering others. Do you know how much we need that in our lives? Stop being so selfish! Come on, you can do this. We can do this together. We can keep helping each other relentlessly! This is my first write up on an outstanding platform ! I have never really written anything before apart from broadcasting on social networking sites. But yes, I do have a powerful voice and I can’t stop myself shutting up! But now I do as I’m super sleepy! Once and for all, get that power in you and walk the talk with gratitude, kindness, self-worth, charm, confidence and sophistication! You can do it. You know why? Because You’ve got my back as an empowering stranger trying to help you! Now Fly!


Yours lovely Priyanka! 

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