Watch: A Tribute To Sex Workers Who Fight To Give Their Children A Better Future

Posted by Vinni Gautam in Society, Video, Women Empowerment
May 13, 2017

There are an estimated 8 million women involved in sex work in India. They struggle to realise their fundamental rights and negotiate through threats to their safety, health, dignity and well-being, every day of their lives, to provide a better life for their children.

The “Gift An Education” campaign was initiated in 2016 to raise funds for scholarships for these children, giving their mothers the assurance that with their children’s future taken care of, they could reduce their dependency on sex work and make safer life choices.

In this short film, we see a daughter introduce her mother who has struggled all her life and only wishes that her daughter is well educated and finds a good job. We also meet Mallika Ghosh of Parinaam Foundation who had stepped in to fund scholarships, which was her late mother’s dream. Shama Karkal of Swasti Health Centre, who talks about the importance of raising funds for scholarships and how it is the harbinger of change; of breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation of the community.

This Mother’s Day, let’s make sure the community of mothers in sex work know we care for the one thing that matters the most to them – the well-being of their children. Gift an education.


Image source: YouTube