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Girls of Haryana, won over patriarchy

Posted by Varalika Mishra
May 24, 2017

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Haryana, a state that often gave statistics of female discrimination in every aspect of human life; dowry deaths, rapes, marital rapes or girls denied to schools produced a miraculous change with the girls of a Government High School. History has witnessed Haryana, as being a state that is unsafe for women. However a recent incident in the Government High School at Gothda Tappa Dahina village in Rewari presented a different outlook of Haryana. The girls of this school protested to fight against the harassment that they faced on a regular basis and to upgrade their classes to higher education.

The girls went on hunger strike on May 10th with a hope to get their right to education as guranteed by the Indian Constitution. As per the media  none of the concerned authorities came to visit the girls for 8 days. It was only after the media pressure that the concerned government gave in to their demands. It was the willpower and sheer confidence of those girls that compelled the government to fulfil their demands. This incident is just not about a mere protest but about the patriarchal mindset of the state that has been stagnant since centuries leading to innumerable atrocities on women. The incident sparked a similar protest in many other schools of Haryana to fight against the discriminatory nature of  the state.

A momentum has started to bring about equality in a state that has been soaked in the oceans of patriarchy since history. The youth of this country are certainly the transformative forces to bring about a change for widening the spectrum of equity and equality.

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