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Government and GB ROAD

Posted by Rajat Mishra
May 25, 2017

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Dear Modiji

We really appreciate your constant crusade for “Gender justice”  and “Gender Parity”  but just only few miles away from “Rajpath, Parliament” , few kilometers away from your own official Residence “Lok kalyan Marg” and just few steps away from Police Station. Women and children are sold for half an hour and more. These are Republics invisible People whose Security is nobody concern rather their existence remains within the realm of Deniability. This is “Garstin  bastion Road or G.B Road”  . But more shocking is That without any license, without any Permit “Slave trade”  continues unabashedly  under the nose of government. Even today Children and women are kidnapped and trafficked from various parts of country and are forcefully pushed into murkiest and hell hole of nasty Prostitution. According to “Immoral Traffic Prevention Act of 1956″, Running “Brothel” is crime but all laws and regulations are flouted overtly just few steps faraway from apex Law making institution and law enforcement agencies .  These Brothels are habitable Place with Electricity and Water connections, Muncipal clearance so that government can catch easily the Perpetrators of heinous and illegal business Prostitution Racket.

Despite violation of Law all governments remained silent on this exponentially growing and Flourishing “Slave trade” Government is fully equipped to crackdown on this illicit prostitution but it turned its blind eyes and deaf years to the urge of exploited “Womens and innocent Children”  whose body is sold every minute to quench lust of Men.

Its Praiseworthy that how rapidly Delhi civic bodies demolished the slums  for building the concrete buildings, bridges and flyover but if demolishing houses and slums is so easy then “Why Garstin bastion road or GB Road exists” . Government inability to take cognisance of this issue from long time raise question whether  Muncipal corporation, local police, Delhi jal board help to run these brothel? So sense of suspicion raise plethore of questions on governments conduct .

Kamatipura of Mumbai “ and” “Sonagachi of Calcutta” are no different, there also question on conduct of Adminstration are raised every bit of time. “Dear Modi ji ” I urge you to “Emancipate Womens from Slavish trade”   and  by doing this Give them” Justice and impart Currency to your “Drive for Gender justice and Gender parity” now Instead of  Pseudo campaigns, Cheap charity stunts, with the help of all data available to Government from various administrative agencies such as Delhi jal board, Electricity Distribution agency, Muncipal corporation,  brothel keeper and their Political masters need to be booked and labryinth of slavery demolished.

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