“HARASSING A BEGGAR On the streets” (Social Experiment)

Posted by Shreekanth Saha
May 4, 2017

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The Uncivilized Indian is a group of 6 members,from the ancient city of Tezpur also known as the city of Eternal Romance in the state of Assam,India. The group consists of Rohan Pandey who is a hotelier by profession,Lokesh BagriRahul Pandey a Businessman Entrepreneur and as well as a student,Bhaskar Kalita who works for a firm, Rohanjit Talukdar a student whereas Arijit Ghosh is a student as well as musician. And it was never easy for us to come up with the video as it required permission from various departments. It was a matter of concern for all of us but we were lucky enough to get support from all the departments as it was for a good cause. This idea came into our mind as we used to play prank on the streets on the occasion of Holi and we saw that people cheered us on the streets to continue the same with the fellow person who came into the way and then we thought of making prank videos but a small incident towards a beggar changed our mind and we thought of forming a page called The Uncivilized Indian whose mainstream would be to show the Social Experiments in the social issues and this is how the group was formed with an intention for the betterment of the society and show them the mirror of their deeds.

Our video has garnered over 2,25,000 views in a week and is winning the Internet.

Below is the link attached for the Full Social Experiment video :

"HARRASSING A BEGGAR On the streets" (Social Experiment)The wait is finally over guys and we are here with our very first full video.So, please do Like and Comment and Share this video to help this very new NorthEast Channel grow.#UCI You can also watch the video (HD) on our Youtube channel and do Subscribe for constant updates.https://youtu.be/NR58P9X93pQ

โพสต์โดย The UnCivilised Indian บน 28 เมษายน 2017

The link for our official page is :



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