Health Is Wealth

Posted by Aakansha Juneja
May 24, 2017

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Burgers and pizza’s, Chinese and Italian, Ice cream and rabdi. Amazing feeling when we think about it! Right? Have you ever analyzed how often you eat junk food and how much addicted one can be eating such kind of food? Eating junk food and getting into the trap of obesity and feeling disgusting about gaining weight and feeling guilty about it? Have you ever analyzed how mentally you can be disturbed while suffering from obesity or when you are overweight but not stopping yourself from eating junk food?

Due to changing technology people especially youngsters prefer not to go anywhere out but sit at one place in their comfort zone and do not do any physical activity. Among one-third of the population over the world is suffering from obesity which consists 3 out of 5 men are obese. Readers will be shocked to know that India ranks the third country in the world with obese people, which says they are not healthy and fit. India is a country which has the youngest population in the world but when the stats shows it has people in high number suffering from obesity is also a matter of concern.

A country with the highest population of youngsters which directs automatically stating has a lot of potential to grow but with the same stats, it also directs us those youngsters are suffering from obesity and overweight and we need to do something about it.

Here, the only solution I can suggest is to start working out on oneself. Being young is the god but being fit is better. Weight management is very important for everyone in today’s pace as due to electronic items coming in market which has replaced our pastimes and has made our youngsters and adults more lazy which can affect overall economy also if this number increases day by day and not just economy but the feeling within oneself when someone is overweight and other’s make fun of them or when they are so insecure about their body while going out or getting involved with their loved one physically.

Loving oneself is very important and if someone is not they are not living their life. Overweight and obesity often lead to depression. Being fit and working out is very important part of life which increases self-confidence in oneself and help them to grow in life as there comes a lot of changes with personality development. Body should be always treated nicely and not a dustbin where we can put everything at any time. Eating food timely and eating healthy, exercising, taking care of oneself will show changes in one’s body automatically but we need to start it.  With such a young crowd in India with so much of potential can lead our country at some other level and not just country but at individual level also it is very important to stay fit and healthy, which also increases the lifetime of a Human.

Feeling low, shameful, less with confidence, low self- esteem are feelings which one feel when they are burdened with the pressure of weight. For today’s youth it is very important to look good, and no one can deny this fact. They like talking to people who are good looking and fit which automatically decreases the confidence of people who doesn’t look good due to their weight and such pressure of looking fit in front of society make them feel more low and their talent remains hidden all over their life but I would not give any motivational speech on this because this is fact and I believe everyone should exercise and should stay fit which is not just good when you have to communicate with outside world but also when it comes to you, It will help you to represent in more better way. Obesity is also not just connected with someone getting into depression and feeling low about it but also health issues like heart attack, Low blood pressure, Diabetes, Fatty liver disease, Sleep apena also get into one’s body and disturb them for the longer period of time. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally a human is disturbed which makes his life worse which unable him to be happy about anything.

Love your life, live your life. Staying fit will help to make it better!



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