horrible incident of my life (faizan luxmi)

Posted by Faizan luxmi
May 31, 2017

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I always confusee with my life

Life becomes tough when you are airways talking about the person smarter than you

That’s the reasons I always feel irritations with my life

My arteries got sucked by jealous of person who are smarter than me

What I have to do in My life is not  the main problem

The success of other person always get me in my flashback

Reasons behind all this is my weird thinking

I sometimes feel jealous  even to my close friends realtive

I stuck into the burdon of jealousy

Change to the world according tome is to much tough than change to myself

So the only one and last option has left to me

I have to change myself

I have to disappear jealousy feelings to have easy life

Yeah I know it’s hard to change myself but I have trust on Allah tala

I request to all of you to make a beutiful Duaa  and this is the Ramadan month Allah will hear our prayers  inshallah

Thanx a lot

Faizan luxmi

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