How Bahubali won is no Tollywood shiznet & how any One can do it!!!!

Posted by Mrinalini Sud
May 22, 2017

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The question is clear but first…

How in the world a village boy like Shivadu who hasn’t held a sword or a bow and arrow for that matter in his life can shackle the mighty Mahishmati army???

Can any monkey-boy flinging from trees thinking, “Oh yeah, they did me wrong, so let me give them a piece of my mind and thus, the world will bow down and all my wishes will be granted” like any other teenage boy, could actually uproot the ruler of the strongest kingdom & bring justice?

Or is it just for the sake of mass entertainment?

Let’s find out by recalling some scenes from the flick…

1.) When your opponent becomes dread feared and shits his pants!!

When Bhallal saw Mahendra from his telescope he was literally taken aback. Of all his efforts in killing this boy who Bhallal himself saw drowning. How in the world has Baahubali returned? Not without a miracle, not without having help from some supernatural powers. Else it’s just impossible. Atleast this was obviously what would be going in his mind. Thus creating a fear in the opponent’s mind — which somewhere hints to a battle being lost.

The intensity of this mere act can be explained in this following —

When an army is fighting for their kingdom, defending alongside their King. Their power, strength and determination comes solely from that man himself. Amidst in the middle of the fight if the news spreads that the King has died, the armymen will certainly lose their confidence, hence affecting their mental state for winning the battle.
But instead of that, if the news spreads that the arrow just grazed his ear & he’s still fighting, then what? The mental resolution of men will become stronger so as to defend their land. Somewhere in their minds, an illogical logic will crop up — that today the universe is also with us!
What I am trying to say that it’s all a game of mindset.

Setting fear in your rival’s mind can make your battle half won already.

2.) Jab tak tum mere saath ho, mujhe harane wala paida ni hua mama …!!!

Not that it means that the “mama” or some relatives ensures one’s success, but rather a very thoughtful choice of words by Amanendra.

Kattapa a man of great stature has been indeed the ‘Royal Guard’ of the ‘Mahishmati’s Royal Family’. Protecting the family from all harms — be it the outside forces or the conspiracies webbed by their own people. Kattapa who has been leading the army even before the birth of Amanendra Bahubali with his valour and sharp-mindedness just depicts that he is a guy which can’t be replaced easily. Thus, his skills in warfare & strategies were unmatched. So a deeper grave was dug for Bhallaldev just because Kattapa switched sides this time.

In real life this facet just insinuates the importance of a mentor in one’s life. A guide who’s experienced & skilled and more importantly who would like to see you succeed in your endeavours. Or a community with similar interests as yours which can ultimately push you to improve. These things in life- a person who wants to share his skills with you & a group of people with whom you can share these learnings; this alone can change the game & can put you in the winning spot!

3.) When Bhallaldev’s gold statue literally helped Devsena in burning his pyre!!!

When crossing the burning bridge barefeet, Devsena while carrying a goblet of fire was shockingly helped by the head of the Bhallaldev’s gold statue. Clearly ‘Luck & fate’ were in their favour this time.

But why?

Why not the previous time?

Is it just by chance & out of our control Or are we missing a point between the lines??

Amanendra was naïve, didn’t believe in being cautious & trusted blindly. But Devesena was not!

She was all prepared for Bhallaldeva’s death. She was infact preparing for the last 25 years by building his pyre straw by straw day by day, still unaware of a proof that her son was indeed alive. Which only underlines the two most important traits of success –

  • Preparedness &
  • Faith

In this it was Devesena’s fate that favoured her & hence helped Baahubali to win this war.

She was the one who was prepared; who had faith in her son & shivagami for protecting her son- who will come back to rescue her eventually.

Believing in your abilities & having faith indeed goes a long way.

But what’s the point of all these points??

Aren’t these the things which we know somewhere already in our conscious??

The answer is simple.

These traits & logic which we saw shaped Bahubali’s life are like a manual. A manual which remains the same eternally & is unchanged. A framework for our lives to achieve anything & decide our conclusion ultimately. But is often neglected. Dedication, Preparedness, Faith, Reason are like the perfect forms in our imperfect lives. Which when thrived for can result in unbelievable spectacles.

And that’s how you become a Bahubali by just following the manual properly!!

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