How Drama Came In Contact

Posted by Kinshu chhillar
May 8, 2017

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A shift from Romanticism was initially surprising because modern writer were not didactic in peesonating the slice of life and the microcosm of greater reality. In twentieth century science was the solution of all human sorrows and ill as physical science depended on empirical data highly.

Realist art also propounded in this age with recognizable character. Characters changed in Indian art form during colonial era like Yakshagana,Nakaal,Yatra and other hundreds of folks. English art gave us stage, proscenium arch, concept of ticketing and that plays will be enacted.

The folk theatrical form sustained in Classical Drama and sentiments are catered. British set up school in city, they started creating colonial city.

Modern concept of artist came up and all these art forms were gradually marginalized. Dancing as an art form also suffered, devdasis practiced dance form and they became helpless as there was no platform to practice their art. In 1930’s Madras Dance Academy was started with Bharatnatyam. Those huge section of dancers kept these art forms alive and now devdasis exists no longer.

Elizabethan theater. folk theater and upper class took these art forms and gave it a new shape. Indian architecture also suffered during colonialization as foreign architecture became famous so Indian architecture got erased from the memory of people. But few art forms came out stronger like-                                Music – It was untouched by Britishers and it was baffled by Indian classical music.                                                               Indian photography got greatly digitized brought great impetousness. Silent films in 1930’s came to Indian cinema and then voice too but their was scarce of film reviews as they did not knew about technique of Hollywood.

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