How I Coped with Deep Depression while Studying

Posted by ashleykornee
May 26, 2017

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College depression is something that hits hard when exam period starts looming over the horizon. While our parents might not be familiar with the concept of college and exam stress (most of them haven’t attended college themselves), they do their best to help us and understand the situation.

Sometimes however, it can become too much. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, and in some tragic cases, students are left with permanent psychological scars that prove troublesome for the rest of their lives. Dealing with deep depression when studying becomes intense can be difficult without any support from someone who understands you. People who do however are usually our peers who are going through the same problems themselves.

The reality is that we always come out the other side and we are usually no worse for wear, even though we lost sleep and anxiety became our best friend. So how do I cope with deep depression while studying and still manage to get some work done despite the stress and everything that comes with it?

The reasons why

Let’s be honest for a moment – the majority of people going through exam depression are the ones who have been slacking during the semester. You might not be doing it on purpose since procrastination is sometimes really hard to resist – we all do it sometimes.

The reason why most of us go through deep depression while studying is that we have too much work to do in a short period of time. Not only that, but we have been avoiding the issue of doing college work on time and clearing our schedule before the exams hit. But this is also only partially true. Mane of us have to deal with tuition costs and pay for everything by ourselves for one reason or another. Not everyone can afford to have a scholarship and take part in side activities on the campus.

College students often go through deep depression because of the pressure they have on their shoulders. They have to do well, otherwise they might have to pack up and go home. This is a terrible situation that no one should find themselves in, but it’s the truth nonetheless.

The main reason for college depression however is the feeling of being misunderstood by everyone. Our professor deals out huge amounts of work and practice, our family thinks we are avoiding them and our friends feel like we have abandoned them while in reality, we are buried in college obligations.

Venting the system

Not everything is dark and hopeless, despite how it may look at first glance. People have been finishing college for years before we became students, and will continue to do so for years to come. This means that college is completely doable, but there is a learning curve to it. Everyone needs to reflect on who they are at one point or another and realize what their capabilities and needs are. This is the first step in discovering what kind of a system works best for you personally.

Finding a way to vent your brain every once in a while is essential in making sure that you don’t go crazy in college. When I really feel like I’m overworking myself, I contact and ask for help with my college papers – it works and it helps me deal with stress a lot. Some of the activities or pass-times that you can try out include:

  • Jogging and walking outside in general – this will help you get fresh air and think clearly again
  • Listen to music while lying in bed – listening to soothing music (without lyrics) will help you calm down and focus better
  • Call your family or friends and talk about your problems – keeping everything inside will make you feel worse
  • Eat cooked food with vegetables and fruit – fixing your diet is essential in making you feel better
  • Sleep for at least eight hours a day – even though it might be difficult with college work, you will get much more done if you are well rested
  • Take regular breaks and stretch your legs – studying for hours on end will make you nervous and filled with bad thoughts
  • Stop overthinking – focus on the present and the work you have in front of you; thinking about the future won’t make anything happen before it’s supposed to happen
  • Set realistic expectations – you know yourself better than anyone; don’t aim too high or too low on your exams and you will find your perfect balance

These are only a couple of suggestions and tips that I use when I feel like my world is turning upside down. While these tricks work for me personally, you can think of your own ways to vent your head and get your groove back. There isn’t a clear rule as to how you can go about it, because everyone is unique in their own way.

The other side

The best way to deal with deep depression while studying is talking to a senior or a professor who went through the same problems you face. Believe it or not, your professors will be more than willing to help out and talk to you about prioritizing work, give you pointers as to how to study and how to get more done in less time.

The main problem of procrastinating during exam period is that we rarely see the end result that’s coming our way. It’s much easier to fire up a TV show or read a comic book instead of studying or writing papers. We are easily distracted by immediate satisfaction instead of looking at the big picture. All it takes for you to focus again is to see the rewards that are coming your way.

Believe me when I tell you that talking to a senior or even a graduate will help you out a great deal in realizing that everyone went through college depression at some point during their studies. You are not alone in this and people are always willing to help you if you ask them to.


Coping with deep college depression can be dangerous if you don’t ask for help. The first step in overcoming it is realizing that it’s happening and that you need help. Panicking over exams is perfectly normal, but if you work hard and give it your best, the results will come by themselves.

Don’t be afraid of speaking up if you are under a lot of stress and feel like you need someone to talk to. Failing to do it otherwise will result in bad grades and further misunderstanding from your family and friends. Don’t let that happen and try to stay a step ahead during the entire semester. It’s the only way to stay productive and positive about college and everything that comes with it.

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