How stop envying ‘The perfect people’

Posted by Yatmanyu Rawat
May 16, 2017

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Everyone of us are using social media these days and usually we come across a famous person who has got the ‘ perfect amount of likes’, ‘perfect body’, ‘perfect lifestyle’ etc which ultimately results in us getting envious. You need to realise that all of this perfect lifestyle is nothing but a clouded reality. The other person is showing you what he/she wants you to see, not the truth.

How often do you come across a person posting about him/her having a hard time? Do you ever find someone posting about some problem he/she has? How come no social media star has ever uploaded a picture of themselves looking trashy? It’s not possible in real world to have a perfect​ life all the time. All of those glamorous pictures, rumours and everything of that sorts is a part of that person’s everyday life, not his whole life. C’mon man, you seriously think Aalia eff looks that bomb all the time ?¿?¿?¿

So, the first way to stop envying anyone is knowing that whatever you see is a kind of partial reality, not the complete reality. It’s simply not the truth. Maybe the person you think of as being super rich is suffering from bankruptcy? Or maybe the girl you’re envying for having the perfect figure is suffering from an eating disorder?

The second way is to have gratitude for whatever you posses. You can be envying a guy for having a Ferrari, when you have a normal car, but if you think closely, you’re one of the fortunate enough to actually own a car. Most of the people live their lives without even sitting in a car. What gratitude does is make us feel grateful for whatever we have, and stops us from envying anyone for anything.

The third important step to stop envying is to stop the feeling of envy, instead, feeling motivated to achieve that particular thing. If you want  a perfect body like Jeff Sied, then instead of envying him, go ahead, exercise, grind, lift, do whatever you gotta do and achieve those asthetics. Turning envy into motivation is one of the best ways to utilise your envy to achieve something better. 

Life is too small to be envious of anyone. This negative feeling won’t do any good to you, except wasting your time. Utilise your energy to do something good. Peace out.



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