Posted by Debarati Mallick
May 25, 2017

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OK so we all are aware of the feminism all around. We girls voice about our breached rights, we talk about our subjugation, we speak about how we are deprived, about how we are judged by the length of our clothes , how our flesh is exploited by some men vultures. We are supported by many activists all over the globe who too are fighting towards gender equality cause. But aren’t we forgetting another aspect of our society ??? Aren’t we depriving the Third Gender people??? How many of us fight against the harassment that they have to face, how many of us fight fight against the filthy jokes made on them?? Do we even give it a thought? No. We simply laugh it out saying”bas majak hai”. So is this the way we are going to build a healthy society where we put big banners of equality and speak heavy words? Equality should be implemented in every way. We all face troubles in the walk of life. Women face the fear of being raped, the good men fear to be judged by women, the third gender people fear of being laughed at. We all are fighting a battle whichever gender we belong too. So we need HUMANISM not FEMINISM. If we can establish HUMANISM, FEMINISM will come to the surface itself. Let’s be true HUMAN BEINGS respecting others and living with dignity.

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