i wish to buy My Pad online….

Posted by tuba sultana
May 17, 2017

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When I am hungry , I go online and order my food as it is one of the natural process. You feel hungry and fill your stomach without worring much about how to cook or what to cook,it’s already there online  on your mobile application.But, if you are on your periods and does not have a sanitary napkin in your cupboard,you can’t order online as there are no applications which give you this golden oppourtunity of sitting at home and using a sanitary napkin but in this case you need to get out of home travel till the shop buy on your own and then settle down by using it after an hour or so , not forgetting with pain while in the process.

No, I am not saying that my sanitary napkin will come in seconds if I will buy online but my point is , “why we don’t have this choice to buy napkins online, why we don’t have any single application which give girls this privilage of buying their sanitary napkin online in a more relaxed form?”, like I can find anything on the screen wither its a safety pin or a big black car…but why not a saniatry napkin because its a issue we should not be talking about or boys might scroll down the different brands of sanitary napkins.The second thing its not  random thought , I feel like creating or hire people to create an application which serves this issue. We can have food delivery 24×7 but we if a girl has started mensturating at midnight and does not have a sanitary napkin which is a basic need ,she will have to wait till the next morning till the shops open up their shelters,locks and what not. My only agenda is , if we are calling India a “Digital India” ,then why don’t we still have the choice to buy sanitary napkin online.

I wish all of you reading this give it a thought and help me to make Digital India more sensitive related to women and the topic of mensturation as it’s just not a topic but a natural process. People need to understand its just like another basic need like we eat,play,sleep,wear and what not as a normal human being…. And like that only we BLEED…..

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