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Posted by Himanshi Dhawan
May 8, 2017

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Menstruation – just a mention can give you dis-gained facial expressions as if you have mentioned a taboo. It is excruciatingly depressing that though we are getting advanced but still we cannot give up the “narrow-mindedness”. We all have studied Science till Class X. We all know what menstruation is all about and its importance. Then why our minds are pre-occupied by orthodoxy beliefs? You’ll be surprised to know that six out of ten girls said they are not allowed to touch food or enter the kitchen, and three of ten are asked to sleep in a separate room. And seven of ten Indian girls are not allowed to enter religious shrines.  A teenage girl asked her mother, “Ma Durga is also a lady then why is she inside and I am outside?” When we need knowledge, we go to goddess Saraswati, when we need money, we go to goddess Lakshmi and we they need courage, we go to goddess Durga – then why are we imposing such restrictions on girls when they are on their periods? Listing the main problem demands a remedy or rather who will find remedy to this problem. The only word that pops in our minds is ‘the government and the concerned authorities’. But then, who are these ‘concerned authorities’? What type of strategies they have to come up with to solve this problem related to the health and hygiene of girls and women in India? It is not only the responsibility of the government or these concerned authorities but also the civilians. The need of the hour is awareness. Girls and women living in rural parts of our country should be made aware of the usage of sanitary napkins. Also, the use of bio-degradable sanitary napkins should be increased. Stop seeing menstruation as a taboo but as a necessity for girls. Let us break down what it takes for a girl to manage her periods in a  healthy way that respects and upholds her dignity.

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