I’m An Indian Hindu And Here’s Why I’m Scared Of Living In India

Posted by Rahul Saxena
May 26, 2017

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Recently I read a beautiful article of similar name here that encouraged me to write this. I am not a writer or anything close so pls bear with me.

Everyone talk I abt Gujarat but forgot to tells us why Gujarat riots started? Or how some people just smarty forgot how 100 people from majority community were burnt alive out of them over 60 lost there lives by 1000 people of minorities when they returning from religious Yatra.

Major gogai did what he that to do for saving lives of 50 people from 400. The army rule book says shoot to kill still major saved the life of 450 people without firing a bullet by tying a stone pelters. So I ask those what would they have done in place of major gogai?

Why not write abt West Bengal where members of majority community not even allowed to celebrate there festivals by state government.


When more than 150000 kashmiri Hindu forced to leave there home by people of these minority community.

So a noted writer & an known student of JNU can say anything in the name of freedom of speech but if a singer speak his mind it’s wrong. Freedom of speech is a two way road.


Or since I belong to majority community I ain’t allowed to speak truth.

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