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Posted by Kunwar Harsh Vardhan Chauhan
May 11, 2017

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On August 15, 2016, India commemorated her 70th Independence Day at

Red fort Delhi, where The Premier of the world largest democratic

country, Mr Modi delivered one of his most famous speeches in which he

first time openly mentioned “Balochistan” before billions of the

people that India would take the cognizance of the atrocities that

Pakistan is committing on Baloch people. It is widely believed that

Modi government has marked the beginning of a major foreign policy

shift in Indian politics.

Markedly, that speech turned the course of

politics of South Asia towards Balochistan, where Bangladesh and

Afghanistan soon followed the suit of Indian premier Narendra Modi

highlighting the human rights violation in Balochistan. This stand has

made millions of ears hear and learn about Balochistan dilemma since

its forcible occupation by Pakistan.

The question is still in the mind of the people around the world that

on which regional and international forum India would raise the

genuine question of Balochistan independence, for which, Baloch nation

has knocked every door of civil societies and human rights

organisations and influential countries. The most prominent efforts

among them are two the long marches held by Voice of Baloch Missing

Person (VOBMP) from Quetta to Islamabad followed by another long march

from the German city of Dusseldorf to Berlin arranged by Baloch leader

Hairbyar Murri on the platform of Free Balochistan Movement.

But the question that still seeks the answer is that, whether Baloch

diplomacy succeeded in gaining the attention of the country with 1.25

billion people. This is because the suppressed voice of Baloch has

been raised only on moral ground i.e (human right violation) which is

indeed a big issue for south Asian nations. But merely mentioning the

sufferings of Baloch on the humanitarian ground aren’t the substantial

supports our nation been appealing for.

The Indian stand under the premiership of Mr Modi needs more firm

grounds that is to penetrate deep into the issue of Baloch with

justifiable reasons on what basis Pakistan is guilty of Baloch

massacre . Pakistan says that Balochistan is peaceful and Baloch

nation is with them. If it is the case then who is committing the

genocide of Baloch people? Let us put Pakistan on trial which used to

hoodwink the world that Baloch nation is with the federation and

struggling for more resources and provincial autonomy, if that’s the

case then why Pakistani army and agencies never hurt Baloch political

parties like National party, BNP Mengal and Awami? As “carrot policy”,

is being pursuit by Pakistan army for them! Despite the fact that all

these political parties only secured 3% of votes during the bogus

elections of 2013.

But the “stick policy” is imposed on remaining 97% of Baloch who

didn’t cast votes; which is indeed a referendum that says Balochistan

is not a part of Pakistan and Baloch people do not want to live under

the confederation of the occupier. Due to that reason entire

Balochistan has been turned into a military garrison where thousands

of Baloch are missing and hundreds of them have been killed and

dumped. Several mass graves were recovered from Tutak Khuzdar. This is

a sound proof that Baloch issue is not only based on human rights but

also an ideological one which is the restoration of Balochistan

sovereignty which Pakistan occupied in 1948.

Indian moral support to Baloch nation is no doubt heralds a new era

for the decade’s old suppressed Baloch people, but the nation as a

whole also is expecting India to go beyond political and diplomatic


Indian PM moral support to Baloch has raised the expectation to new

heights in Baloch political society. We are waiting to see how India

would formulate her foreign policy in favour of the Baloch freedom

struggle. Now all our eyes are on upcoming United Nation summit, in

which we think there in an opportunity for PM Modi to raise the human

right violation in Balochistan committed by Pakistan.

Keeping in view the parameters of Baloch national cause, Baloch

expects the world would support the long-lasting Baloch freedom

struggle, that is the restoration of Balochistan’s lost sovereignty as

an independent state.

The implications of PM Modi support to Baloch freedom struggle will be

felt equally by both India and Baloch nation. Pakistan would increase

its terror activities in Kashmir and Afghanistan and redoubles its

atrocities in occupied Balochistan. At international forums, it is

hoped that India would rectify the genuine narrative of Baloch that

Pakistan is promoting state-sponsored terrorism in markedly in

Afghanistan, Balochistan and Kashmir.

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